Food & Nutrition Services

Food & Nutrition Services provides Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (CRMC) patients with nutritious meals as prescribed by their physicians. As our patient, you’ll be offered food choices in accordance with your prescribed diet.

We take special care to accommodate our patients’ cultural, religious and ethnic food preferences, and our staff of registered clinical dietitians is available to assist with nutrition consultations and education as needed.

If you have any questions concerning your meals, diet or nutritional care during your stay, you can reach our Dietitian team at extension 7975.

How to order a guest tray

If a visitor would like to enjoy a meal with you during your stay, we’d love to have them!

To order a guest tray, please notify Food & Nutrition Services at least one meal before (e.g., if you want a guest tray for dinner, you’d order it before lunchtime of the same day) by calling extension 7975 or speaking with a nurse.

Please note: The cost of the guest tray cannot be added to the hospital bill of the patient they’re visiting.

Where to find vending machines

Vending machines are located at the West Campus in the following locations:

  • Emergency Department Lobby (1st floor)
  • Mother/Baby Family Lounge (5th floor)
  • Family Dining Area (6th floor, Patient Tower)

At the East Campus, vending machines are located on the 1st floor near the large patient elevators.