Guidelines for Cheyenne Regional Vendors

The purpose of these Guidelines is to articulate Cheyenne Regional’s expectations of Vendors in their interactions with Cheyenne Regional, and to establish parameters for seeking and accepting funds from Vendors for educational programs, conferences or entertainment; for describing when gifts are acceptable and to what extent; and to establish criteria for honoraria and consulting engagements.

Manufacturers, providers and suppliers of health care products and services frequently cultivate relationships with Staff Members and Providers in a position to generate business through a variety of practices, including gifts, entertainment and personal services compensation arrangements. These activities have a high potential for fraud and abuse. Any transaction that implies a link between gifts or donations and Vendor selection must be discontinued.

Cheyenne Regional strives to provide the highest quality of care to the patients and the Community we serve. Cheyenne Regional is committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards consistent with our Standards of Conduct and TrueCare Behavioral Standards. Cheyenne Regional is committed to assisting its Vendors to comply with these standards, Cheyenne Regional Policy & Procedure, and any and all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.


A Vendor for the purposes of these Guidelines is defined as an entity doing or seeking to do business with Cheyenne Regional

Vendor Representative
A Vendor Representative is someone who works for a company who sells products or services that provides or seeks to provide goods or services to Cheyenne Regional

Staff Member
All employees of Cheyenne Regional, including employed physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants, or any other employed patient care provider

All physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or any other patient care provider that may not be employed by Cheyenne Regional, but are providing patient-care and/or are members of the Medical Staff of Cheyenne Regional

Cheyenne Regional
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, the ambulatory care sites of Cheyenne Regional Physicians Group and all other sites where medical services are being provided under Cheyenne Regional.

Guidelines for Vendor Check-In and ID Badges

All Vendors are expected to contact the Materials Management Department, located at 2204 House Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001. There, he/she will be introduced to the process of registering with Reptrax. Reptrax is a web driven software service that aids in the credentialing and monitoring of Vendor representatives in healthcare environments. The Reptrax process requires Vendors to provide employment documents, proof of immunizations and an agreement to abide by the Cheyenne Regional Standards of Conduct and all applicable Cheyenne Regional Policies & Procedures and any and all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

Once a Vendor has registered with Reptrax, he/she is able to sign in to a Reptrax kiosk and receive an ID badge to wear for a particular visit day. Vendors are required to contact department managers prior to any site visit.

Any Vendor that does not have a proper ID Badge should be redirected by department managers or Staff Members back to the Reptrax kiosk to sign-in and obtain an ID Badge, or to the Materials Management department to register.

Any Vendor that has not been pre-approved for a site visit may be asked to leave any of the Cheyenne Regional facilities.

Guidelines for Vendor Relations

Vendor-Sponsored Entertainment
Occasionally, at a Vendor’s invitation to an off-site location, Staff Members or Providers may accept modest meals, entertainment or refreshments at the Vendor’s expense; generally, corporate business should be discussed at the gathering. The Staff or Provider should disclose any such entertainment on his/her Cheyenne Regional Annual Disclosure Statement.

Vendor-Sponsored Staff Member or Provider Lunches
Vendor-sponsored meals to promote a new or existing product or service is prohibited. Vendor-sponsored meals for department educational events are permissible, but must be approved in advance as described in the procedure below.

Vendor-Sponsored Educational Programs
Cheyenne Regional may accept funds to underwrite the cost of educational events. Grants for such educational events should not be accepted from the same Vendor on more than an occasional basis. Prior department approval is required after thorough review for applicable education related to the specific department or specialty and that the education is not in connection with a decision to buy products and/or services from the Vendor. The educational event should occur in a venue and manner conducive to learning. If the event is presented over several hours or during a lunch hour, a modest meal may be funded.

Permissible Arrangements between Providers/Staff and Vendors
It is acknowledged that occasionally a Provider or Staff Member may perform certain honoraria or consulting services on his/her own time. Prior Supervisor approval is required. No payment should be accepted as “compensation” for their time or any out-of-pocket expenses, if such payments are not for actual services rendered or expenses incurred. The Provider/Staff Member should disclose all honoraria or consulting fees on his/her Cheyenne Regional Annual Disclosure Statement.

Permissible Gifts from Vendors
A non-cash gift to a Provider or Staff Member is permissible, provided such gift was not solicited and is not provided in connection with a decision to buy products and/or services from the Vendor. The value of such acceptable gift is limited to $75 in value.