Patient Safety Beliefs

Cheyenne Regional physicians, clinical staff and employees adhere to these Patient Safety Beliefs:

  1. We believe that all hospital-acquired injuries are preventable.
  2. We believe that Cheyenne Regional will achieve zero preventable injuries and deaths, and that our overall safety performance pertaining to patients, family members, associates and physicians will be exemplary.
  3. We believe that safety is more important than any other competing priority. In this regard, we view safety as both a moral imperative and an operational standard.
  4. We believe safety must be lived 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at both work and home.
  5. We believe that everyone is responsible for patient/family safety as healthcare providers, and for associate/physician safety as fellow human beings.
  6. We believe that everyone can be a leader in achieving outstanding safety performance from wherever they are—regardless of discipline, position or responsibility.
  7. We believe that leaders must ‘walk the talk’ and model desired behavior while reinforcing our safety culture.
  8. We believe that outstanding safety performance should be heavily weighed in assessing overall individual performance and the potential for individual advancement.
  9. We believe that speaking up, stopping unsafe practices, sharing knowledge, helping others and other positive behaviors should be considered expectations of performance.
  10. We believe that continuous improvement and the use of performance metrics pertaining to process compliance (leading indicators) and outcome performance (lagging indicators), are important tools to be used in achieving our safety goals.

For more information on patient safety and quality, please visit The Joint Commission website.