Cheyenne Regional Foundation

Our Values

What do we believe in?

Through philanthropic support of and advocacy for the Cheyenne Regional Health System, the health of individuals and the overall quality of life for our community will be enhanced.

Our Mission

What do we do?

The Foundation informs, develops and stewards resources in support of the Cheyenne Regional Health System’s mission to inspire great health.

Our Vision

What do we want to be?

To be the preferred and most trusted beneficiary of donations and bequests.

Meet Our Team

Board of Directors


Philosophies & Strategic Direction

To learn more about our philosophies and strategic direction, please browse the documents we’ve shared below.

Code of Ethics

We adhere to the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Code of Ethical Principles and Standards, shared here.

CRMC Foundation Strategic Plan

See our strategic plan for 2022 – 2024.

Donor Bill of Rights

Review your rights as a CRMC Foundation donor.

Professional Standards & Conduct

We comply with the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) Statement of Professional Standards and Conduct, shared here.

Ways To Give

There are a number of ways that you can help to impact the success of Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and its care of patients. Rest assured that your gift—no matter how large or how small—will do exactly that.

If you have any questions or you would like discuss your giving options, contact us at (307) 633-7667 or [email protected].

Annual Giving

Annual giving is the only fundraising program that reaches out to all friends of CRMC on a yearly basis. Its focus is on acquiring regular yearly contributions, thus creating a vital and dependable source of support for your hospital. You should be receiving invitations for annual giving in the mail.

Corporate & Foundation Giving

Some of the biggest impacts made to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center have come from the support of corporations and fellow foundations. Corporation- and foundation-supported projects help us to build and grow our patient care capacity.

“In Memory” or “In Honor”

A gift “in memory” or “in honor” is particularly moving, as it is a tribute to the life of someone special. The legacy of your loved one lives on in high-quality, TrueCare work of the Cheyenne Regional Healthcare System. What a lasting tribute for that special person!

Matching Gifts

Some corporations match the charitable gifts of their employees. Many even match charitable contributions made by retirees or directors. Check with your human resources department to see if the company you work for has a matching program. If they do, simply submit your gift with the applicable form from your company, and they will contribute toward the area or program of your choice.

Named Gifts

Named gifts are a wonderful way to support the Cheyenne Regional Healthcare System. Your named gift will help ensure that world-class healthcare is available for future generations—and it also will serve as a lasting tribute to you, your family, or a loved one. We welcome the opportunity to name the gift in your honor and as a perpetual expression of thanks. Named gift opportunities include departments, buildings, lobbies, healing gardens, and more.

Planned Giving

The Foundation’s gift-planning staff assists donors in integrating charitable gifts into their financial, tax, and estate-planning objectives—maximizing the benefits for donors and the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. Planned gifts provide donors with an immediate tax deduction and other benefits such as life income, continued use of gift property, or elimination of capital gains tax. If you are considering CRMC in your estate plans and planned giving, please contact Vicky Fry at (307) 996-4510 or [email protected]. You may also click here for more Planned Giving information and tools.

1-2-3 Giving Program

Cheyenne Regional is proud to introduce 1-2-3 Giving. This program offers a convenient and impactful way for our employees to donate to any area of need within our health system.

Cheyenne Regional “Match”
Your impact will be doubled thanks to the availability of “matching” contributions for the Employee CareFund.

How to Give
Employees may donate to the Employee CareFund as follows:

Cash/Check donations: Can be made directly to the Foundation

Payroll deduction or monthly via credit card

PTO donations: An employee may donate any amount of PTO as long as after the donation, the employee’s balance is at 40 hours minimum. Donated PTO hours will be converted to dollars based on the donor’s current rate of pay, net of applicable taxes. Donated amounts will then be given to the Foundation for distribution. Submit an Employee CareFund Program PTO Donation Form electronically to [email protected] or in person to Human Resources, attention Benefits. The Foundation will provide receipts for all donations for tax purposes.



Please feel free to use the form below to submit and process your donation. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call at (307) 633-7667.

Group Tours

Take a tour of Cheyenne Regional Medical Center or to have your group make a special visit to perform or provide gifts.