Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and Cheyenne Regional Medical Group (Cheyenne Regional) are committed to the confidentiality of your medical records as set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

We are required by law to follow our Notice of Privacy Practices that is currently in effect. This notice describes the following:

  • How your medical information may be used and disclosed both inside and outside of Cheyenne Regional
  • How you may gain access to your medical information
  • Your medical information
  • How we will notify you in the event of a breach of your protected health information (PHI)

Please read the Notice of Privacy Practices posted below:

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this notice, or if you want to object to or complain about any use or disclosure of your protected health information, or to exercise any rights explained above, please contact the following: Privacy Officer, (307) 432-6625, 214 East 23rd Street, Cheyenne WY 82001; or

Effective Date

This notice is effective January 2019.