Every year, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center receives many requests for support from various community groups and organizations.

Whether a request is for a cash donation, support for a local program or other community event or opportunity, Cheyenne Regional will do its best to match its limited discretionary funds with community health needs.

How to Apply

  1. All sponsorship requests are to be made at least 60 days prior to the event or deadline.
  2. Use of the Online application form to be completed by the requesting party.

Sponsorship proposals are reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Aligns with Cheyenne Regional’s mission, vision, values and strategic plan
  • Supports or aligns with Cheyenne Regional’s clinical or strategic priorities
  • Aligns with Cheyenne Regional’s strategic growth plans and provides the hospital with visibility in key markets
  • Provides high level of visibility for Cheyenne Regional:
  • Availability of budget
    • Reaches communities Cheyenne Regional serves
    • Reaches diverse and/or underserved populations
    • Addresses a documented community need

General Criteria

  1. Sponsorships for national organizations must be centered on a local or regional event.
  2. Requests must provide direct health-related or community benefit.
  3. External agencies and organizations requesting use of property must show proof of liability insurance.
  4. Cheyenne Regional will not grant annual, automatic contributions to any organizations. Annual requests must be resubmitted.

Note: Sponsorship is not advertising.  Contact CRMC’s Marketing Department if proposal is for advertising.


Sponsorship considerations will be given to the following (but not limited to):

  • Community healthcare-related events
  • Donations
  • Event participation or contribution
  • Fundraising dinners
  • Community service/development organizations
  • School fundraisers
  • Cultural programs/events
  • Logo items/giveaways
  • Internal and external requests

Ineligible Activities (but not limited to)

  • Requests that benefit an individual person or family
  • Religious activities, in whole or in part, for the purpose of furthering religious doctrine
  • Travel expenses
  • Door prizes or raffles
  • General operating expenses
  • Political candidates or organizations
  • Capital or equipment
  • Film or documentary productions
  • Memorials or endowments
  • Funding that benefits a for-profit organization
  • Legislative advocacy groups
  • Multiple-year pledge campaigns
  • Annual fund drives
  • Fraternal organizations

Sponsorship Application

Thank you checking out our sponsorship page. For our fiscal year, 2024 we were able to donate $20,000 to local groups and organizations. With that budget being depleted, please check back after July 1, 2024 for sponsorship opportunities for our 2025 fiscal year.

All funding requests will be submitted and reviewed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or System Operational Council (SOC) for consideration. All decisions made by the CEO or SOC are final.

This process is in place to ensure that all applications are evaluated equally and fulfill our mission, vision, values and strategic plan.

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