Why Give

Why give to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center?

We realize that you have many options when it comes to where you will give your philanthropic dollars! So, why should you choose Cheyenne Regional Medical Center? Because it makes sense.

Top Ten Reasons to Give to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

  1. To help ensure that quality healthcare is available when you need it most. Help us to continue building a healthcare system that provides access to great care for you, and all of your loved ones…right here at home.
  2. To reconnect to your community healthcare system. Perhaps you received special care at Cheyenne Regional, or maybe you were born at this hospital! If so, what better way to reconnect with your hospital or birthplace than to contribute to its continued success?
  3. To give back to your community. The people you live and work with will very likely be the patients that are served by Cheyenne Regional at some point. Children in your community may require quality care that will lay the groundwork for happy, healthy, and successful future lives. By giving to Cheyenne Regional, you support the growth and health of your loved ones and your community.
  4. To support Wyoming’s economic future. Cheyenne Regional is the largest and most prominent healthcare provider in the state of Wyoming. We employ more than 2200 employees and serve thousands and thousands of people each year. We invest millions of dollars into the Wyoming economy. The quality of available healthcare is a key measure of quality of life. Your gift helps to ensure the future of Cheyenne Regional and the sustainability of our businesses, industries, and quality of life.
  5. To join a select group of people who are dedicated to helping future generations. People who give to the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center believe in excellence and investing in the future. They are both practical and idealistic. They believe in giving back and paying it forward. They are zealous supporters of the Wyoming way of life. By giving to the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, you join this select group whose common interest is to help provide world-class healthcare services for Wyoming, by the Wyoming people.
  6. To take advantage of tax breaks and other financial incentives. Whether through a major gift, annual giving, planned giving, or even through your corporation or foundation, charitable contributions offer many financial advantages. You can offset federal tax, capital gains, or estate taxes through deductions and careful structuring of estate plans. You can even receive income during your lifetime and still provide a charitable gift through a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust.
  7. You can trust that your gift will be used effectively for the program or area you designate. The Foundation will begin by working with you to help ensure that your gift goes to the program or area that means the most to you. We can have a discussion with you to help you better understand the needs and priorities of Cheyenne Regional. Furthermore, we believe strongly in the Donor Bill of Rights, in our mission, our purpose, and in the core values we all hold dear, and we do our best to honor the trust placed in us by Cheyenne Regional and by our donors, patients, and friends.
  8. To continue a tradition or to create one of your own. Maybe you come from a family who has an established tradition of passing some of their good fortune on to others. This is a Cheyenne Regional tradition, too. Consider joining us in support of our dedicated doctors, nurses and staff—either by continuing your family’s tradition, or starting a new one by giving a gift to Cheyenne Regional.
  9. To share your good fortune. You have had many advantages in your life. Your parents helped you in a number of ways, your teachers believed in you and encouraged you, and complete strangers have given to the organizations that have touched your life. Now is a great time to pass along your good fortune to ensure that the current and future generations have the benefit of getting great healthcare.
  10. To leave a legacy. Maybe someone in your family has made a huge impact on you and everyone else in their world. What better way to remember them than to set up an endowment in their honor—one that will ripple into the future to help the patients and loved ones of tomorrow lead happy, healthy, and successful lives, and to enable them to give back in their own ways. What a lasting tribute to that special person!
  11. For your families and loved ones. Our purpose for being here, is to provide world-class, accessible healthcare to Wyoming residents. Your gift to the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center allows us to continue to build and unite the healthcare system our families and loved ones need and deserve.

Your gift makes a difference.

Rest assured that your gift makes a huge difference to patients, families and both the clinical and support staff. Every dollar you give goes directly to support improvements in patient care across the Cheyenne Regional healthcare system.

Thank you!

The Foundation has so much to be thankful for. Over the years, our donors have consistently and enthusiastically supported Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and the extended healthcare system. They have established an unprecedented number of endowments to support service lines and capital facilities construction projects and improvements.

It is the private support of people like you that helps to enable the Cheyenne Regional healthcare system to rise above the ordinary and be one of the region’s finest healthcare systems.

Group Tours

Take a tour of Cheyenne Regional Medical Center or to have your group make a special visit to perform or provide gifts.