We look forward to welcoming you to your room at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (CRMC)!

On the day of your admission, we’ll base your room assignment on your admitting diagnosis and bed availability. If your health status changes, you may be moved to another room.

At CRMC, both private (single bed) and semi-private (two bed) rooms are available. Insurance doesn’t usually cover the full cost of a private room, so we recommend checking with your insurance provider for details prior to your admission, if this is the type of room you prefer.

Your bed

Your hospital bed can be operated and positioned electronically. Once you’re settled in your room, your nurse will show you how to make all the adjustments you need to get comfortable. (Your nurse will be also available for any questions or assistance throughout your stay, so please feel free to ask!)

Compared to your bed at home, your hospital bed will likely be higher and more narrow, and it will have protective bed rails on both sides. You’re welcome to raise these rails (or request help from your nurse in doing so) if you’re resting, recovering from surgery or taking certain medications.

Call your Nurse

Next to your bed, you’ll have a call button to reach your nurse. Press the button to alert the nurses’ station that you need assistance, and a staff member will respond to your signal as soon as possible.

What to bring with you

When you come to the hospital for admission, you should bring:

  • Your insurance identification card
  • Any claim forms
  • Any personal items you require (such as a robe, night clothing, slippers and toiletries)
  • Your Advance Directive (e.g. living will, power of attorney for healthcare), if applicable
  • A list of all current medications (prescription, over-the-counter and herbal), including their dose and frequency, if applicable

Unless directed by your physician, please do not bring any medications with you.

Please leave valuables and electrical appliances at home

When you come to stay with us, please leave valuable items (such as jewelry) at home, or have them sent home after you arrive.

As we can’t be certain of their safety, electrical appliances (including plug-in electric shavers, curling irons and hair dryers) aren’t permitted for use in the hospital and should be left at home. You may, however, bring and use a cordless electric shaver.

CRMC smoking policy

In order to provide a healing environment of care, CRMC is a tobacco-free facility. This includes all rooms, parking structures, parking lots and all other CRMC-owned property.

If you’re interested in receiving information to help you quit smoking, please call the Wyoming Quit Tobacco Program at 1 (800) QUIT-NOW or 1 (800) 784-8669, or click here to learn more about enrolling in our Commit to Quit Tobacco Cessation Program.

Lost items

If you misplace a personal belonging during your stay, CRMC maintains a Lost and Found. Please call security at extension 7198 to find out if your lost item has been turned in.