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As a leading health services innovation company and an employer with a large workforce, Optum understands how challenging it can be to manage both people and business needs during a crisis. While many of our clients have already begun to look ahead and plan for employees returning to the office, we want you to know Optum is here to help. We have a collection of resources available to assist you in your Return to Work strategy. These resources include a supplemental training catalog to provide webinar support through the COVID-19 crisis, as well as, a COVID-19 resources website with tip sheets, articles and more. In this update you will find a listing of resources to support your current efforts.

Resources for Managers

  • Trainings available via the COVID-19 training catalog
  • Reintegration of the Workforce – Managing Fear and Anxiety around COVID-19
  • Building Resiliency for Managers
  • How to Create a Respectful Workplace
  • Articles available via LAWW Admin Toolbox
  • Leading and Managing a Virtual Team During COVID-19
  • Dealing with Death in the Workplace for Managers (coming soon – 5/8)

Transitioning Back to Work and School

  • Trainings available via the COVID-19 training catalog
  • Preparing You and Your Family to Return to Work
  • The New Normal: Life after COVID-19

Parenting / Caregiving

  • Training available via the COVID-19 training catalog
  • Talking to Your Children about COVID-19
  • Article available via LAWW
  • Structure for school at home

Wellness and Self-care

  • Trainings available via the COVID-19 training catalog
  • Embracing Happiness
  • Making Time for Fitness
  • How to Beat Sleep/Fatigue
  • Eating Healthy for Less

Anxiety and Stress

  • Trainings available via the COVID-19 training catalog
    • Building Your Resilience
    • Living in Uncertain Times During COVID-19
    • Get the Best of Stress
    • Coping with Traumatic Events
  • Resources available via Optumeap.com
    • Recorded webinars:
      • Get the Best of Stress
      • The Human Element: Managing Fear of COVID-19
      • Coping with Traumatic Events
    • Article:
      • Managing COVID-19 Anxiety

Mental Health

  • Article available via LAWW
  • Eight Tips to Cope in a Crisis
  • Article available via Optumeap.com
  • Pushing Back Against Stigma flyer (coming soon – 5/13)

Grief and Loss

  • Trainings available via the COVID-19 training catalog
    • Grief and Loss
    • Losing a Loved One to COVID-19
  • Articles available via Optumeap.com
    • Grieving the Loss of a Loved One During COVID-19
    • When a Coworker Dies


  • Recorded webinars available via Optumeap.com
    • Living Off Your Wages During COVID-19
    • Financial Uncertainty During COVID-19
    • Financial Best Practices in Uncertain Times
  • Recorded webinar available via LAWW
    • Financial Impacts of COVID-19

Additional Resources