Employee Benefits

Cheyenne Regional is committed to supporting your overall wellness with a comprehensive benefits program designed to meet your unique needs, including:

  • A choice among popular benefit options
  • Effective and affordable health care coverage
  • Programs to help ensure financial security for you and your family

2024 Medical, Dental, Vision and Prescription Benefits

Medical Benefit Plans

Cheyenne Regional offers three medical plan options.

  • UMR PPO Plus
  • UMR Basic PPO
  • UMR High Deductible Plan

See a summary of UMR’s medical plan options in our 2024 benefits guide. Medical plan options begin on page 6.

Find a Provider

Search by location and specialty.

Dental Benefit Plans

Cheyenne Regional offers two dental insurance plan options through Delta Dental of Wyoming.

  • Delta Dental Basic
  • Delta Dental Plus

These plans offer in- and out-of-network benefits, providing you the freedom to choose any provider. However, you will pay less out of your pocket when you choose a Delta Dental provider. Out-of-network coverage is based on reasonable and customary (R&C) charges.

See a summary of Delta Dental’s dental plan options in our 2024 benefits guide. Dental plan options are on page 17.

Find a Delta Dental Provider

  • Go to the Delta Dental Website
  • Click on “Patients”
  • Click on “Dentist Search,” then “Find a Dentist”
  • Check the “Delta Dental Premier” box
  • Type in the location, distance, or specific dental provider or practice for your search
  • Click the “Search for a Dentist” button
  • You can also call 1 (800) 735-3379.

Vision Benefit Plans

Cheyenne Regional offers a vision insurance plan through VSP. You have the freedom to choose any vision provider. However, you will maximize the plan benefits when you choose a network provider.

See a summary of VSP’s vision plan options in our 2024 benefits guide. Vision plan options begin on page 18.

Find a VSP Provider

  • Go to the VSP Website
  • Click “Members”
  • Click “Find a VSP Doctor”
  • Click “Not a Member”
    • Alternately, you can register and log into your account to search for a provider
  • Select the “VSP Choice” network from the drop down box
  • Type the location where you want to search, and click the “Search” button
  • You can also call 1 (800) 877-7195.

Prescription Benefit Plan

Learn more about your prescription benefits plan and coverage information.

See a summary of UMR’s prescription plan options in our 2024 benefits guide. Prescription plan options begin on page 7.

Optum Bank – Health Savings Account (HSA)

Explore helpful resources related to opening and using your HSA.

Flex Spending Account (FSA)

Cheyenne Regional offers two flexible spending accounts through Alerus. An FSA is not allowed if you fund an HSA.

See a summary of the flex spending account plan options in our 2024 benefits guide. Flex spending account information  begin on page 15.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave/Short Term and Long Term Disability Benefits/Military Leave/Personal Leave

Learn the process for requesting a leave of absence (FMLA leave, military leave, personal leave and/or short term/long term disability benefits) by clicking the button below.

For additional questions, please send an email to HRLeaves@crmcwy.org

Retirement Savings Plan Benefits

Empower Retirement Plans

Cheyenne Regional offers several retirement savings plan options, which are administered by Empower. Saving for retirement is important for your financial future, whether you are retiring soon or years from now. The Cheyenne Regional savings plan is designed to assist you in meeting your retirement goals. As a supplement to other retirement benefits or savings that you have, these plans allow you to save and invest extra money for retirement consistently and automatically. You can participate in both the 403(b) and 457(b).

*CRMC offers customizable retirement plans through Empower Retirement and will match up to 4%. Want to roll a previous retirement plan to your CRMC one? Reach out to Empower at 866-467-7756 for instructions.
*PRN employees may contribute to a retirement plan but are not eligible for employer matching.

Login to www.Empower.com

Empower Guides

Ready to enroll in an Empower retirement plan? This how-to guide will walk you through setting up your account.

Already enrolled in an Empower retirement plan? Use this guide to get the most out of your retirement account!

Please click on the link below to view upcoming Education Web Series provided to you by Empower

Employee Perks (Shopping, Wellness and Education)

Bank and Shopping Deals

Deals are subject to change without notice. Cheyenne Regional is not responsible for any changes to deals or discounts. Please contact the specific business/entity for updates.

Gym Discounts

Payroll deductions for gym memberships are always taken out of the second paycheck of the month and pay for the following month’s membership. PRN employees are not eligible for payroll deduction.

Employees must notify the gym of canceling membership before the 15th of the month for no payroll deduction for the following month’s membership fee. All cancellation paperwork will be handled through the gym and not CRMC HR. Each gym and employee is responsible for notifying CRMC HR of cancellations, changes to fees and additions.

If you cancel your membership with your gym and you continue to have your fees deducted on your paycheck, notify your gym and CRMC HR. All refunds will be handled between the employee and the gym. By electing to sign up for payroll deduction, you verify that you understand these terms.

Discounts are subject to change without notice. Cheyenne Regional is not responsible for any changes to discounts.

Cheyenne Family YMCA

  • Adult (Ages 25-54): $40
  • Adult Couple: $49
  • Family (2 adults and all children at same address, up to 24 year old if in school, verification required): $54.50
  • Family Plus (Three Adults over 18, not in school and all dependent children living at the same address): $72.50
  • Senior (age 55+): $33
  • Senior Couple: $43
  • Young Adult (Ages 16-24): $27

To enroll, download the YMCA Payroll Deduct Form below and take to YMCA to complete paperwork.

Fitness 307 (all locations)

To enroll and complete paperwork, visit the East or West Fitness 307 location.

  • Payroll Deduct
  • No Enrollment Fee
  • Employee: $29.95
  • Add Spouse: $24.95
  • Add Adult Child: $19.95
  • Add Minor: $14.95

Gold’s Gym (GOLD Level Membership)

  • Single: $34/month
  • Couples: $64/month
  • Family of 3: $96/month
  • Family of 4: $128/month

Any additional add-on after 4 members is $30. If you have questions regarding this change, please reach out to Gold’s Gym at 307-778-5500.

Wellness Program

Cheyenne Regional now partners with Virgin Pulse to give you more options on how to improve your wellbeing – your way!

The Virgin Pulse Platform gives you the flexibility to work on what areas of wellbeing are most important to you including mental health, physical activity, diet tracking, sleep, and finance. With full access to the platform online and via their mobile app you can take care of your wellness anywhere!

Virgin Pulse offers the following and more:
  • Multi-feature tracking including sleep, diet, exercise, stress, finances, pregnancy and more!
  • Invite friends and family to share limited access to the Virgin Pulse platform.
  • Start your own challenges.
  • Redeem points for gift cards or other prizes.
  • Participate in wellness journeys.

Enroll now


Ways to Earn Points in Virgin Pulse

To see a full list of point earning activities, click on ‘Rewards’ and then ‘Learn How to Earn More Points’. This area is where you can self-attest to Donating Blood or getting a Flu Shot. Don’t miss out on these points!

Preventative Care Screenings

Earn 4500 points submitting your Preventative Screening Form. The Preventative Screening Form comes populated with your specific member info – so you MUST print it from your Virgin Pulse account!

How to access your form:

  1. Log into your Virgin Pulse account on a computer or on your app
  2. The preventive screening form can either be found on the Home Page or under the “Benefits” tab
  3. Click on ‘Start Now’
  4. Click ‘Download’. The form will auto-populate most of your information. Be sure to indicate if you are an employee or spouse and have your provider fill in the rest. There must be a signature from the Virgin Pulse Member and the Provider. Once complete, upload the form in the same place that you downloaded the form.

Health Check Survey

Earn 3000 points per program year by completing or updating your Virgin Pulse Health Check Survey. This is a quick, online survey to help you understand areas of improvement with your health. The results are completely confidential.

  1. Log into your Virgin Pulse account online or via the Virgin Pulse app.
  2. Select the Health button with the heart icon.
  3. Click Health Check and complete the survey.

Check out additional point-earning events in the Virgin Pulse events calendar:


Earn points for your volunteer work! 1500 points for 4-10 hours and 3000 points for 11-20 hours volunteered. Forms must be submitted by 9/30/2024 for your points to count towards the Wellness Requirements.

Earn points for being active

Link a fitness tracker to your Virgin Pulse account to earn points for steps, active minutes and sleep! Just remember to log into the app or sync your device once a week to get your points! If you don’t have a fitness tracker, Virgin Pulse offers the Max Buzz tracker for just $25!

Behavioral Health Care

Simple steps to better mental health. You deserve support. That’s why we have programs designed to support you. You have access to mental health support and counseling services through three programs provided by Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.

Education Assistance

We pay you to go to school! Learn all about education assistance, including the application and reimbursement form.

Education Partners

Learn about tuition discounts available through our education partners.

Discounted Lodging Rates

Additional Assistance and Resources

Hardship and CareFund

The Employee CareFund Program provides financial assistance to Cheyenne Regional employees who experience a financially devastating tragedy or an unforeseen event or disaster (e.g., fire, flood, death of immediate family member, or loss of income). The Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Foundation will steward/maintain the funds, solicit donations for new funds, and acknowledge all donations as required by the IRS.

Access the CaredFund policy, application and PTO donation form.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The employee assistance program (EAP) is a free, strictly CONFIDENTIAL service for personal and work-life situations and more. The EAP is available to our employees, their dependents and household members.

Find out how to get confidential access to professional care, self-help programs and information.

Learn about your Emotional Wellbeing Solutions and schedule an appointment with a provider. Download the Optum Assist App today.

Get access to self-care techniques, coping tools, meditations and more with Self Care by AbleTo

Explore tips that may help build (or rebuild) your emotional well-being and resilience.

Access licensed, in-network providers 24/7.

Identity theft support is just a call or tap away.

Get your finances into shape with the help of a Money Coach.

The monthly marketing engagement toolkits offer enriching multimedia content on relevant topics and trends for members. Each month features curated tips, articles, podcasts, webinars and more to engage members in their own health and wellness, and help them navigate critical situations. In addition, employers and managers can access gated resources for fostering healthy workplaces.

  • Access the toolkit here using your organization’s liveandworkwell.com (LAWW) access code: crmc
  • Review this month’s engagement toolkit
  • As a reminder, we will be launching a new member toolkit each month with updated content and resources.

Domestic Partner Affidavit Forms

Download the Affidavits of Domestic Partnership and Support of Termination of Domestic Partnership forms.

Benefits Glossary

A helpful glossary of common benefits words and definitions.

Have questions about your benefits?

We have answers! Contact your benefits team via email at benefits@crmcwy.org or call (307) 633-7700.

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