Simulation Training Request

The Simulation Lab at Cheyenne Regional utilizes high-fidelity manikins to create real, life-like scenarios for your medical training events.

Training healthcare providers to be able to respond to any situation they might find themselves in is crucial to their development as healthcare professionals.

For more information about the Simulation Lab and to discuss whether simulation is the right platform for your next training event, please contact Angela Kelley at (307) 996-4732 or click here to send her an email.

Benefits of simulation training

Simulation training creates a safe learning environment both technically and interpersonally. Making mistakes can be a valuable part of the learning process, and in the simulation environment, patients and staff are not put at risk.

Additionally, the Cheyenne Regional simulation lab can provide adult, pediatric and infant simulation experiences.

What to consider when scheduling a simulation

  • Space is determined and prioritized based on simulation needs as well as submission request dates.
  • The lab consists of two spaces: a debriefing room and a simulation lab. Spaces will not be separate unless specified in request.
  • All simulations will require planning meetings and a simulation run-through prior to the live simulation.
  • The time frame required for planning is determined by the type of simulation, manikin availability and the complexity of programming.

    • The average time frame for preparation is three months.
  • A simulation agreement must be signed by the manager of the department before planning can be initiated.
  • The simulation form is for use by those requesting to utilize the high fidelity simulation lab and training center.

    • Please submit your request a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your requested date of training, to allow for build time and preparation.
  • If equipment is not available, the requesting department is responsible for providing required equipment.
  • The simulation lab is not responsible for the transportation of equipment between buildings.
  • All supplies that are used must be cleaned and returned to proper locations within the lab.

Request a simulation

To request a simulation, please fill out the form below.

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