Educational Course Build Request

This page is for Cheyenne Regional departments and/or leaders to request assistance from the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Clinical Education team in developing or implementing education.

Guidelines for request submissions

  1. Building quality educational programs takes time. All requests must be submitted a minimum of 90 days prior to a course being offered.

    • Depending on the complexity of the information being shared or the desire to build an additional competency with your educational program, the time frame may be slightly longer.
  2. Many educational courses can be offered during our Educational Expo, which is held every quarter.

    • If a request is made less than 90 days from the next Educational Expo, the education will offered during the following Educational Expo.
  3. All trainings will be assessed and prioritized based on the overall needs of the organization.

    • The education may be scheduled for a different timeframe if deemed necessary.

Once you’ve submitted your request, you may be asked to present your topic to the educational team so that we can help develop meaningful course materials.