Welcome and congratulations on your new position at CRMC! We are pleased to offer to you, what we believe will be, an excellent new employee experience. Our nursing staff is excited to work with you. These pages will provide both the preceptor and the new employee with training materials needed for nursing orientation. If you have any questions, concerns, or additional learning needs during your time with us at CRMC, please do not hesitate to speak with a clinical educator.

Your orientation will consist of many distinct learning opportunities:

  • Obtaining certifications as required by your department
  • Online learning through computer work
  • On the job training with a one-on-one preceptor
  • Shadow experiences with other departments/disciplines
  • Frequent check-ins with your manager and educator

Online Learning Opportunities

    • Everyone is assigned general orientation education and competency
    • You will also receive department specific orientation education and competency
    • If you are transferring departments, you will only receive the unit specific education and competency
    • Online training consists of three types of learning events: Educational modules, competency statements, and interactive checklists.
  1. Education Modules in HealthStream:
    • You will have education and learning events assigned to you in the ‘my learning tab’ of HealthStream
    • These trainings are designed to help you learn what is expected of CRMC employees. These modules lay the foundation for competency performance and should be completed prior to signing off your competency statement
    • The first group of education modules will be assigned to you to complete during the New Employee Experience. These modules must be completed prior to reporting to your unit. These modules cover rapid regulatory compliance issues and are hospital wide.
    • The second group of educational modules are general educational modules and are assigned to all RNs, LPNs, or CNAs.
    • The final group of educational modules are the unit specific modules and will cover topics that are specific to your discipline in your department
  2. Competency Statements:
    • Both you and your preceptor will need to sign off competency statements. These competency statements validate that you are able to perform your job duties.
    • Many of the competency statements require you to write an essay or narrate how you are able to meet this element of performance.
  3. Interactive Checklists:
    • Many of the education modules have interactive checklists which capture new employee performance.
    • Checklists must be opened and reviewed by you before they are visible for your preceptor to sign off.

New Employee Orientation Materials
General CNA Orientation Competency Statements
General LPN Orientation Competency Statements
General RN Orientation Competency Statements
General LPN to RN Orientation Competency Statements