How many points do I have to earn?!?

  • You must earn 30,000 points in the Virgin Pulse platform by September 30th 2021 to earn the wellness incentive for 2022. I know it seems like a lot but the platform lets you earn them by participating in whichever areas of health most interest you.

What happened to the biometric screening events?

  • Due to Covid-19 all planned biometric screening events had to be canceled. Events will be scheduled again once it is determined safe to do so. You can still get a fasting glucose and lipid panel done at no cost to you if ordered by a Tier 1 provider on your CRMC medical insurance plan.

Do I need to submit proof of a PCP visit and complete a health survey?

  • No, but it is highly encouraged and will earn you 25% of the required points for the year.
  • You can access your PCP form by logging into your Virgin Pulse account then clicking on the Ways to Earn button. It looks like a clipboard icon on the left side of your screen. From there scroll down under Up Next then click on Preventative Care Screenings. Instructions on how to submit it are on the form.

I met the requirements and am not enrolled in a CRMC medical plan, when can I expect to get my $150 gift card reward?

  • Participants typically get their $150 gift card by the end of January in the calendar year after the wellness deadline.

I’m having problems getting my Virgin Pulse account set up.

  • No problem! You have a few different ways to get support:
    • Phone: 888-671-9395– representatives available 8am-9pm ET Monday – Friday
    • Email: support@virginpulse.com
    • On-platform Chat



How do I know I’m eligible to participate in the wellness program?

  • All full-time and part-time CRMC employees qualify for the wellness program.

What if I don’t use CRMC’s medical insurance plan? Can I still participate in the Wellness Program?

  • Yes, as long as you are a part-time or full-time employee you can still participate in the wellness program and earn a $150 gift card for completing the requirements.



Do my dependents have to meet any requirements?

  • No, just employees and spouses on a CRMC medical plan.

How does my spouse register for a Virgin Pulse account?

  • They’ll follow the same link you did and enter in their own information to form an account. Please utilize the Chat feature if they’re experiencing problems getting their account set up.

My spouse is not currently enrolled on a medical plan but I want to add them next year; what do they have to do to earn the wellness rate?

  • Nothing. If they are not currently enrolled, you just need to meet the requirements for them to qualify for the following year.

Do I need to fill out and turn in a GINA form?

  • No, GINA consent is included in your registration process so there is no need to sign and turn in a form.