• The Vitality page shows different member status levels (bronze, silver, gold and platinum), do I need to get to a certain level to meet the wellness requirements?
    • No. You can earn more points by reaching the different levels, but it isn’t required.
  • I’m not sure if I’m missing a required step, how can I check?
    • Reach out to Wednesday Storm, RN in Occupational Health, she’ll check to see if you’re done or if you still need to do something.
  • I got my blood drawn at a biometric screening event, when will I get my lab results?
    •  You must log into your MyChart account to access your lab results. There is no way for the results to be automatically uploaded into Vitality and the Employee Health and Wellness nurse does not have access to EPIC to get them for you.
  • I met the requirements and am not enrolled in a CRMC medical plan, when can I expect to get my $150 gift card reward?
    •  Participants typically get their $150 gift card by the end of January the calendar year after the wellness deadline.
  • I can’t make it to any of the schedule biometric screening events, is there another way to get my labs drawn and biometrics measured?
    • You can get your labs drawn at your PCP wellness visit for free if they are a tier 1 provider under a CRMC medical insurance plan. However, you may be charged for any additional labs ordered by your PCP.
  • I’ve got part of my Vitality Check Form done; can I submit it to Vitality?
    • No, Vitality will reject an incomplete form. Submit it to Wednesday Storm, RN in Occupational Health and she’ll keep it safe for you until you’re ready to finish it. Plus, by having your form on hand, she’ll be able to send you reminders on what you’re missing.
  • Why do I have to submit my complete Vitality Check Form to Vitality and the Employee Health and Wellness Nurse?
    • Submitting the form to Vitality will get you your points but also submitting it to the Employee Health and Wellness Nurse will protect you in case there are any technical difficulties in the upload process.


  • How do I know I’m eligible to participate in the wellness program?
    • All full-time and part-time CRMC employees qualify for the wellness program.
  • What if I don’t use CRMC’s medical insurance plan? Can I still participate in the Wellness Program?
    • Yes, as long as you are a part-time or full-time employee you can still participate in the wellness program and earn a $150 gift card for completing the requirements.


  • Do my dependents have to meet any requirements?
    •  No, just employees and spouses on a CRMC medical plan.
  • My spouse is not currently enrolled on a medical plan but I want to add them next year; what do they have to do to earn the wellness rate?
    • Nothing. If they are not currently enrolled, you just need to meet the requirements for them to qualify next year.
  • My spouse isn’t going to be on the medical plan next year, do they have to meet the requirements?
    • In order for you to meet the wellness requirements next year, you and your currently enrolled spouse must meet the wellness requirements even if the spouse is not going to be on the plan next year.