Mission, Vision & Goals

Family standing outside house next to carThe Institute is a Division of Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. It was formed to help Wyoming communities and their healthcare providers to develop a more proactive approach to patient care and population health management—reaching out to the residents beyond the traditional four walls of a hospital or a clinic to address the challenges of caring for frail or vulnerable populations, rising chronic disease rates, and the delivery of evidence-based preventive health services.

Staffed by more than a dozen health care professionals—including clinical providers, an epidemiologist, and a health care expert, and led by a national CMMI Innovation Advisor—the Institute applies principles of community health improvement, epidemiology, evidence-based health care delivery, health informatics/analytics, and even grant writing to identify and create demonstrations that realign funding to support care coordination and sustainable systems development.

True love really do last foreverThe Institute’s aim is to disseminate and scale evidence-based systems enhancements, develop and implement effective population health measurement, and strengthen the state’s capacity to support long-term collaborations in support of community health planning and health care delivery transformation.

Acting as a convener for the members of the Wyoming Integrated Care Network, the Institute is the recipient and principal investigator of a $14.2 million Health Care Innovation Award to create Medical Neighborhoods across Wyoming, in order to transform rural health care delivery.