Community Health Improvement Plan

In partnership with the Laramie County Community Partnership, the Institute plays a key role to integrate community resources in order to meet the healthcare needs of the community. Goals and strategies are set, and thereafter completed by focused action teams.

Community Benefit

At Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, our purpose is to nurture and improve the health of individuals and the quality of life for our community.

To help ensure that more Laramie County residents have access to essential health and wellness services, Cheyenne Regional offers hospital-based programs and also partners with organizations that provide a vital safety net to individuals and families in need.


Community Health Improvement Programs that respond to identified community needs, services directed to at-risk persons, such as underinsured and uninsured persons, and programs offered to the broad community designed to improve community health. ‘Programs include Cancer Resource Center, Injury Prevention Program.

Health Professions Education Programs include the Magnet Grant, Internships, the Pastoral Care Residency and Scholarships for staff.

Subsidized Health Services Health services that are offered despite a financial loss because they are needed in the community and would otherwise not be available in sufficient amounts. Services include trauma, behavioral health, home care, hospice, palliative care, PACE and diabetes education.

Community Partner Grants and In-kind Efforts to improve the health of the local community including Centralized Pharmacy, United Way, Raising Readers, Faith Community Nursing, Safety Net Medical Home, Home Oxygen, Wyoming 211, Annual Day of Giving, Grey Matters Community Event, NEEDS Inc, Big Brothers Big Sisters, GoalConnect, LCCP Coordinated School Health, Peak Wellness Case Management, and Homeless Youth Initiative.

Community Building Activities Advocacy, Workforce and Economic Development including support for PACE, LEADS, Chamber of Commerce, WyGEC grant, LCCC scholarships and physician recruitement.

Community Benefit Operations Health Needs Assessment, Wyoming Health Matters, Community Health Improvement, Community Benefit operations and Charity Care staffing

Financial Assistance Charity Care and Other Unreimbursed Services – Results from our policy to provide healthcare services free of charge, and on a discounted fee schedule, to individuals who meet certain financial criteria.

Government Sponsored Health Care Medicaid and other Means Tested Programs shortfall created when our facility receives payments that are less than the cost of caring for public program beneficiaries.

Unpaid Cost of Medicare Medicare shortfall created when a facility receives payments that are less than the cost of caring for public program beneficiaries.

Bad Deb Defined as account write-offs of patients who could have qualified for charity care but did not go through the application process and patients who could afford to pay but do not.