Large group of smiling people.The Wyoming Institute of Population Health is a division of Cheyenne Regional. Its purpose is to help Wyoming communities and their healthcare providers develop a more proactive approach to patient care and population health management. This is done by reaching out to the residents of communities across Wyoming, beyond the traditional four walls of a hospital or a clinic to address the challenges of caring for frail or vulnerable populations and rising chronic disease rates, and delivering evidence-based preventive health services.


Each year, the Institute endows the community with a number of financial grants and benefits, including charity care for individuals who are unable to afford their medical bills. (Full report pending. Completion 2019)

Community Benefits

At Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, our purpose is to nurture and improve the health of individuals and the quality of life for our community. To help ensure that more Laramie County residents have access to essential health and wellness services, Cheyenne Regional offers hospital-based programs and also partners with organizations that provide a vital safety net to individuals and families in need. Our community benefits show this continued commitment to our community.

Contributions to the Community
Community Health Improvement Service $1,190,571 $1,145,792 $1,168,033 $1,206,558 $1,122,170
Health Professions Education $45,660 $0 $0 $109,627 $127,480
Subsidized Health Services $9,527,233 $10,175,295 $9,209,389 $11,431,900 $8,009,273
Community Partner Grants and In-kind $942,362 $702,020 $765,978 $881,393 $737,278
Community Building Activities $1,550,458 $1,703,379 $1,468,516 $1,579,291 $1,042,346
Community Benefit Operations $272,797 $299,583 $303,513 $304,604 $309,063
Financial Assistance at Cost $4,732,427 $3,616,312 $4,103,863 $6,671,776 $5,012,340
Government Sponsored Health Care $2,624,291 $3,071,724 $1,199,175 $1,028,660 $4,052,414
Total Community Benefit $20,885,799 $20,714,105 $18,218,467 $23,213,809 $20,407,905
Unpaid Cost of Medicare $20,024,318 $14,630,772 $11,636,174 $12,486,683 $11,581,642
Totals with Medicare $40,910,117 $35,344,877 $29,854,641 $35,700,492 $31,989,547
Bad Debt at Cost $12,424,752 $12,697,909 $13,448,227 $13,088,313 $12,922,465
Grand Totals $53,334,869 $48,076,060 $43,302,868 $48,809,573 $44,912,012
Community Benefits


Community Health Improvement Plan

The Institute plays a key role, in partnership with the Laramie County Community Partnership, to integrate community resources in order to meet the healthcare needs of the community. Goals and strategies are set, and thereafter completed by focused action teams. This is a 2012 Report. 2018-19 CHNA and CHIP updates are currently underway.

Community Health Improvement Plan – 2022

Previous Reports


Laramie County Needs Assessment

Every three years, a comprehensive study is done in Laramie County to determine the primary needs and/or gaps in the community—regarding healthcare, education, housing, and more. The findings are gathered into a document (titled, “Laramie County Needs Assessment”) that is shared with residents and stakeholders across the county.

Community Health Needs Assessment – 2022

Previous Reports


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