Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is dedicated to the health and wellness of people living in our region. We offer Outpatient Diabetes Self-Management Education for adults and children with diabetes so they can learn the skills necessary to take the best care of themselves and live healthy, active long lives.

What is Diabetes?

diabetesDiabetes is a chronic disease in which the body has difficulty converting starches, sugars and other food into energy. When diabetes occurs, the body either does not produce or is unable to properly use the hormone insulin, which helps sugars get into our bodies’ cells where it is needed for fuel.

If blood sugars remain high, they can lead to a number of serious medical complications, including heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, blindness and loss of limbs.

Although there is no cure for diabetes, much is known about how to treat and manage the disease. Diabetes Self-Management Education is the cornerstone to help people with diabetes manage their disease and achieve a better quality of life and prevent long-term complications.

#OnTheMap Feature  

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