Cheyenne Regional Cancer Center is committed to providing a comprehensive and compassionate treatment, prevention and research program that delivers to patients the highest level of care available. We serve as a regional destination for oncology services for southeast Wyoming, western Nebraska and northern Colorado areas. Cheyenne Regional Cancer Center strives to be an educational and support resource that the public and the medical community can look to for guidance regarding the diagnosis, management and prevention of cancer. Our goal is to continually be a source of support for cancer patients and their families.



Our Vision

To ensure that all of our patients can maintain a higher quality of life and a hope for a brighter future in the face of a cancer diagnosis.

Our Cancer Center at 310 East 24th Street opened its doors on January 27, 2014. With over 40,000 square feet, the center houses outpatient oncology services and the Cancer Resource Center. Directly north of the main campus, the cancer center is connected to the hospital by a sky bridge with panoramic views of the state capitol building. The center is surrounded by beautiful, serene landscaping.

Cheyenne Regional Cancer Center is the first and only American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer accredited cancer program. The center offers a comprehensive approach to cancer treatment, caring for the mind, body and spirit of the cancer patient and family. Our state-of-the art advanced technology utilized by an expert cancer treatment team affords our patients treatments that are of the highest quality while still being delivered with compassionate care. Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is the first and only hospital in Wyoming to have received the American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer accreditation. Hospitals are surveyed every three years to ensure that they are meeting the highest standards. Cheyenne Regional received their three year accreditation renewal in 2013 with 5 commendations.

Accreditation ensures

  • Comprehensive care, including a complete range of state-of-the-art services and equipment
  • A multidisciplinary team approach to coordinate the best available treatment options
  • Information about ongoing cancer clinical trials and new treatment options
  • Access to prevention and early detection programs, cancer education, and support services
  • A cancer registry that offers lifelong patient follow-up
  • Ongoing monitoring and improvements in cancer care
  • Quality care, close to home

There are various procedures that help to detect cancer early

  • Genetic testing and counseling
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • Digital Mammography
  • A 64-slice CT scanner that gives faster scanning times to help facilitate diagnosis
  • Our Cancer Programs

For more information about our cancer treatment services, call (307) 996-4673 (HOPE) or speak with your physician about referral options.

Cancer Services Providers