Radiology Care Unit

We are proud to have a dedicated Radiology Care Unit (RCU) at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. This unit is staffed by a team of highly skilled registered nurses who are specially trained in caring for patients undergoing invasive procedures in Medical Imaging. They hold certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). They ensure the highest quality care for patients who require nursing care in Medical Imaging.

Radiology Care Unit Services

The Radiology Care Unit Nurses provide services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Admission and recovery for specific outpatient procedures in private rooms in the Radiology Care Unit.
  • Care and monitoring of both outpatients and inpatients during procedures to include providing moderate sedation and medication administration.
  • Provide education to patients and families about the specific procedure they will have.
  • Coordination both within the hospital and with outside clinics in order to provide safe, seamless care of patients.

Scheduling Your Outpatient Medical Imaging Procedure

  • Your Provider must provide the Radiology department with a valid order for the specific procedure that you need.
  • Once the order is received, the Radiology Schedulers will contact you to schedule a time to come to the Hospital for your procedure. They can be contacted at (307) 633-7800.

Guests in the Radiology Care Unit

You are welcome to bring up to two guests to support you while you are in the Radiology Care Unit. They can wait for you there while you go to the procedure room. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult other than the patient at all times.

Updates during your Procedure

If you are having a long procedure, you can request text message or phone call updates to a support person while you are in your procedure.

Types of Procedures Utilizing the Radiology Care Unit