CRMC Forensic nurses are specially trained to assist in the care of the abused elder and/or vulnerable adult. We can assist in documentation of events, photographs of injuries (if applicable), and reporting to appropriate authorities. We work collaboratively with other disciplines, as needed, within the community to assist in the care of the elderly.

Types of abuse may include:

  • Physical Abuse is when an elder experiences abuse resulting in physical injury, illness, pain, distress, impairment, disability, or death.
  • Financial Abuse is the unauthorized, illegal, or improper use of benefits belonging to an elder, such as money, assets, or property, when used to benefit someone other than the elder.
  • Neglect is the failure to meet the basic needs of an older adult such as food, shelter, hygiene, clothing, water, and essential medical care.
  • Emotional Abuse refers to the verbal or nonverbal behaviors that inflict mental pain, fear or distress in an older adult. Examples include but are not limited to harassment, humiliation, threats, or isolation.
  • Sexual Abuse involves forced or unwanted sexual interaction in any form. This may also include sexual harassment.

How We Can Help

  • Work collaboratively with other disciplines for the welfare of the elderly and/or vulnerable adults
  • Assist in setting up a safe place to stay such as Safehouse or other services if needed
  • Assist in contacting advocacy
  • Medical evaluation of the elderly or vulnerable adult
  • Provide documentation of injuries and/or neglect