Child abuse and neglect are serious public health problems that can have a lifelong impact on health and wellbeing. CRMC Forensic Nursing Department nurses are specially trained in assessing for, documenting, referring, and reporting child abuse. If you fear a child has been abused in any manner, please bring the child to the emergency department for evaluation and treatment. There are four common types of abuse and neglect:

Types of Abuse

  • Physical Abuse is the intentional use of physical force that can result in physical symptoms or signs. These may include but not limited to hitting, kicking, shaking, or burning.
  • Sexual Abuse involves forcing, pressuring or engaging in sexual acts with a child. This may include fondling, penetration, or exposing a child to sexual activities.
  • Emotional Abuse is the behavior that can harm the emotional well-being of a child. These behaviors may include but are not limited to name calling, threatening, lack of love, or rejection of a child.
  • Neglect is defined as the failure to meet basic physical and/or emotional needs. Basic needs in life include access to medical care, clothing, nutrition, and education.

How We Can Help You

  • Work collaboratively with other disciplines for the welfare of children.
  • Assist in setting up a safe place to stay such as Safehouse or other services if needed.
  • Assist you in contacting advocacy.
  • Medical evaluation of the child or children.
  • Documentation of injuries and/or neglect.