The ready – set – go action is set in motion by Trauma Respond, a call that indicates a serious traumatic injury. Everyone is rushing, from the first responders wheeling the patient through the doors to nurses and emergency physicians evaluating injuries. From anesthetists and operating staff standing by to surgeons who mend injured bodies – a quick, but thorough evaluation is done with the goal of decreasing the long-term consequences associated with trauma.

To facilitate rapid transfer, we have:

  • A rooftop helistop
  • A high-speed elevator designated to transport trauma patients for access to surgery
  • Intensive care, cardiac services and the emergency department.

Prevent Injuries

Trauma is the number one cause of injury, mostly due to unrestrained drivers and passengers in motor-vehicle crashes. The first line of defense is injury prevention. Our community outreach program includes identifying intersections where high-injury motor vehicle crashes frequently occur.

Also, Cheyenne Regional sponsors the Annual Wyoming Trauma Conference and the Annual Laramie County Trauma Conference, in which we educate nurses, paramedics and other emergency personnel about trauma treatment. Our trauma center offers public education about injury prevention and actively lobbies for stronger seatbelt laws.