Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace Runs through January 15, 2022

November 3, 2021

Cheyenne, WY— Open enrollment to select a health insurance plan from the federal Health Insurance Marketplace started November 1 and runs through January 15, 2022.

Wyoming’s Marketplace offers plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield and Mountain Health Co-op. Wyoming residents can access plans online at

“Marketplace plans available to Wyoming residents are the same ones that insurance companies offer directly to consumers, but on the Marketplace most people will qualify for government subsidies, which makes these plans much more affordable than many other options,” said Jason Mincer, Enroll Wyoming project director. “In addition, due to new laws passed earlier this year, many people who buy health insurance through the Marketplace are now eligible for more savings and lower monthly premiums.”

Wyoming residents who would like help working through the Marketplace can call 211 and ask to speak with an Enroll Wyoming navigator. They can also find information and schedule an appointment online at

“Enroll Wyoming is a free service that helps Wyoming residents find the best and most appropriate health insurance option to meet their specific needs,” Mincer said.

Since the Marketplace started about 10 years ago, Enroll Wyoming navigators have helped several thousand Wyoming residents review and compare Marketplace plans.

“Our navigators are committed to helping Wyoming individuals and families in need of health insurance,” Mincer said. “They are extremely knowledgeable and take great pride in the work they do.”