New Mural Helps Children Treated at Cheyenne Children’s Clinic

Jungle Mural 1June 18, 2014

Cheyenne, WY—Children receiving x-rays at the Cheyenne Children’s Clinic are now able to focus on something other than their treatment thanks to a one-of-a-kind jungle-themed mural funded by the Cheyenne Regional Foundation.

Each year the Cheyenne Regional Foundation uses the proceeds of its Denim ‘N Diamonds campaign to improve the Cheyenne Regional health system. Proceeds from last year’s fundraiser were used to convert the clinic’s analog x-ray system to a state-of-the-art digital system. A new radiography room, including a child-friendly mural and private dressing area, were also funded.

Kim Birt, a radiology technologist at the clinic, interacts one-on-one with children when they are being x-rayed so has a unique perspective on how the medical imaging area impacts children and their parents.

“After I found out that our clinic had received a grant from the Foundation, I wanted to think of a way to make our department friendly—and less scary—for our little patients,” Birt said. “It also needed to be comfortable for our pre-teen and teenage patients and for parents.”

Birt and other clinic staffers proposed having a mural painted in the area where children are x-rayed.

Indiana artist Glenda Krauss was commissioned to paint the mural. Krauss is the owner and artist of Glenda’s “Wall-to-Wall art. She has been painting murals for clients since 2004. The mural was completed in May.

“This mural was a big added benefit from the patient’s point of view,” Birt said.

From the many comments she’s received about the mural, Birt said she can tell that the painting helps children and parents feel less anxious.

“I had a three-year-old patient tell me that ‘this is a beautiful jungle,’ ” said Birt. “She knew the names of the animals and even called the giraffe ‘mommy.’ ”

Teens also like the mural. One 17-year-old patient called the painting “tight” and “way cool,” Birt said.

“This mural is a big benefit because of how it makes our patients feel during what can be a stressful situation,” Birt said.

“The whole reason for Denim ‘N Diamonds is to help Cheyenne Regional find ways to better care for our community,” said Stephen Stone, the Foundation’s Executive Director. “Our main focus last year was to improve the imaging technology at our children’s clinic. We were happy to be able to do that, while also funding a unique piece of artwork that helps children and their families feel more at ease while they are being treated.”