LCCC Students Contribute $5,600 to Curie Fund for Cancer Patients

May 13, 2014

Cheyenne, WY—Laramie County Community College radiography and sonography students recently presented two checks totaling $5,600 to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center’s Curie Fund.

The Curie Fund was established in the 1980s by Cheyenne Regional’s Radiation Oncology Department to help patients undergoing cancer treatment pay for personal or family necessities, including utilities, transportation expenses and school supplies. Funds are given to patients with financial struggles and are not used to pay medical bills.

Students from LCCC’s radiography program have donated more than $15,600 to the fund over the past six years. This is the first year that sonography students have contributed.

To raise money for the fund, the LCCC students held fundraisers throughout the year. Fundraisers included a craft fair, raffles and Pampered Chef parties. Students work on the fundraisers on their own time, outside of class and clinical rotations.
“We’re grateful that the radiography and sonography students at LCCC do this for our patients,” said Leonard Geringer, Cheyenne Regoinal’s radiation oncology manager. “It is amazing how these students have embraced this cause and have worked so very hard on this while also attending classes.”

Tamela Thiede, Cheyenne Regional’s director of oncology services, and Geringer accepted the checks on behalf of Curie Fund President Sarah Norris, who couldn’t attend the presentation due to a death in the family.

“The money is used where there is the most need. Our patients are so appreciative for the help this fund offers,” Geringer said.


We would like to thank LCCC Radiologic Technology students (bottom) and Sonography students (top) for donating $5,600 to Cheyenne Regional’s Curie Fund.