Cheyenne Regional’s Medical Specialty Clinic Designated as First Assessment Center in Wyoming for Zephyr Valve Treatment

April 25, 2023

Cheyenne, WY—Cheyenne Regional’s Medical Specialty Clinic is the first health facility in Wyoming to be designated as an assessment center for a treatment using Zephyr Valves.

This minimally invasive option has been shown to help patients with emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) breathe better and have increased stamina.

“Clinical trials have shown that patients who undergo this procedure often have improved lung function and exercise capacity, which can improve their overall quality of life,” said Dr. Danille Prime, the Cheyenne Regional pulmonologist/critical care specialist who helped the clinic receive the assessment center certification.

Zephyr Valves are tiny, one-way valves that allow air trapped in the lungs to be exhaled and prevents more air from being trapped, allowing patients to breathe better.

“People with COPD or emphysema can struggle to catch their breath during regular activities because the damaged parts of their lungs cannot release trapped air and become overinflated,” Dr. Prime said. “With this certification, our clinic can evaluate patients to see if they are a good candidate for this procedure, which can be transformative.”

More information about Zephyr Valve assessment and treatment is available by contacting the Cheyenne Regional Medical Group Medical Specialty Clinic at (307) 638-7757.