Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Receives Level III Trauma Verification

May 17, 2022

CRMC is the only American College of Surgeons-verified trauma center in Wyoming

Cheyenne, WY—Cheyenne Regional Medical Center was recently verified as a Level III Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons’ (ACS) Committee on Trauma. CRMC is the only ACS-verified trauma center in Wyoming, and one of more than 500 ACS-verified trauma centers in the United States.

Level III Trauma Center verification means that a team of trauma experts has completed a site review of the hospital and reviewed over 300 measures focusing on trauma-related resources, patient care, performance improvement, commitment and team readiness. The surveyors reviewing CRMC’s trauma program found no deficiencies.

“Being verified as an ACS trauma center is an extremely thorough and rigorous process,” said Lisa Burton, MD, CRMC’s trauma medical director. “The reviewers evaluate medical records to determine the treatment provided to trauma patients and the patients’ overall outcomes. In addition, the reviewers conduct one-on-one interviews with members of the trauma team to find out how well the team performs and functions as a unit. The goal is to ensure that a trauma center is providing optimal care to injured patients.”

Another part of the review is to assess the hospital’s injury prevention programs.

CRMC has a comprehensive injury prevention program that includes community education about keeping children safe and elderly fall prevention as well as a Stop the Bleed program.

“The Stop the Bleed program has been very successful, with Wyoming being second in the nation for percentage of population trained,” said Jennifer Dykshorn, CRMC’s trauma program manager. “Our trauma team has taught over 3,000 participants and gifted over 300 Stop the Bleed first aid kits to various organizations and individuals.”

The ACS Committee on Trauma began the trauma consultation and verification program in 1987 to promote the development of trauma centers in which participants provide the hospital with the resources necessary to address the trauma needs of all injured patients and that a continuum of care is also available for patients.

“Being verified provides confirmation that a trauma center has demonstrated its commitment to providing the highest quality trauma care for all injured patients,” Dykshorn said. “At CRMC we are continually striving to improve trauma care and patient outcomes.”

CRMC is verified as a Level III Trauma Center through May 4, 2025. The hospital is also designated as a Regional Trauma Center by the State of Wyoming.