Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Provides MyChart Bedside App to Enhance Patient Communication, Education

November 20, 2019

Cheyenne, WY—Cheyenne Regional Medical Center recently launched MyChart Bedside, a mobile- and tablet-based application that provides patients with information and education about their condition, treatment and hospital stay.

Adult patients interested in using MyChart Bedside are given a complimentary tablet that allows them to view their lab results, vital signs, medications, prescription refill requests and upcoming hospital schedule and appointments. They can also learn more about their condition and medications, record important information, send messages to their nurses and doctors and find out more about members of their hospital care team.

Information is not stored on the hospital tablet and cannot be seen by anyone else. The device is “wiped clean” after the patient is discharged from the hospital, when the tablet is returned to CRMC. Patients may also use their own mobile devices or tablets to access the application during their hospital stay.

MyChart Bedside was piloted over the summer on CRMC’s mother/baby, pediatric and oncology units. The initiative was launched on most CRMC inpatient units on Nov. 19.

“Even though CRMC employees are readily available to answer questions, our patients have appreciated the app’s added convenience,” said Erin McKinney, clinical director of CRMC’s Women & Children’s Services. “MyChart Bedside is a great educational and communication tool that allows patients and authorized family members to be more directly involved in the patient’s care.”

In the postpartum area, for example, a mother can navigate from her information to that of her infant’s with one click of the app, McKinney said.

Another benefit of MyChart Bedside is that clinical information related to the hospital stay is stored in the patient’s permanent electronic medical record. Any notes the patient records will also be saved in the medical record.

“One of the biggest concerns of patients is the fear of the unknown,” said Tracy Garcia, CRMC’s chief nursing officer. “MyChart Bedside allows us to more quickly offer information to alleviate some of their fears and augment our direct communications to them.”

CRMC employees who participated in the pilot project have also expressed appreciation for the app.

“Our staff has liked the simplicity of showing patients where they can find additional information about their condition and treatment and how they can offer individualized education for their patients through the app,” McKinney said.

The app is also popular because it allows patients to view their social media pages and movie and television streaming sites, providing additional comfort and relaxation during their stay.

MyChart Bedside is already being used in several health systems nationwide, including UCHealth in Colorado, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and American Family Children’s Hospital in Wisconsin.

“MyChart Bedside is another step in providing enhanced information and communication for our patients,” McKinney said.