Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Partners with UCHealth and LifeLine to Provide Medical Air Transport Service

March 23, 2021

Cheyenne, WY—Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is now partnering with UCHealth to provide the LifeLine medical air transport service.

“As with our former air ambulance service, the LifeLine crew will be based at the Cheyenne airport to ensure a quick response when critical care flight services are needed,” said Tim Thornell, CRMC president and chief executive officer. “The service will also be staffed and available 24/7/365 to transport patients anywhere they may need to go, just as we always have.”

LifeLine works in partnership with local hospitals and public safety agencies to transport patients from hospitals and accident scenes to health systems that can provide specific medical expertise or a higher level of care.

“LifeLine has an excellent reputation for providing outstanding patient care and safety. LifeLine has also been serving patients in southeastern Wyoming, southwestern Nebraska and Colorado for several years, so their name and excellent reputation are well-known in this region,” Thornell said.

A major benefit of the new service is that the LifeLine flight crew will be assigned permanently to CRMC.

“This will allow our staff to get to know the crew and to have a great working relationship with them,” said Landin Smith, a CRMC emergency department clinical director.

A LifeLine flight crew is composed of a nurse, paramedic and pilot. Up to 12 clinical staff members and pilots will make up the permanent crew assigned to CRMC.

Another benefit is that the LifeLine crew assigned to CRMC is trained to provide specialized medical care that includes the transport of high-risk obstetric patients and patients with intra-aortic pumps.

“Having a local air ambulance crew with this kind of training will mean less wait time for obstetric and heart patients who are in need of immediate transport due to their condition,” Landin Smith said. “That is a significant benefit for our patients.”

Over the past several weeks, flight crew members have been working with CRMC emergency department and intensive care unit employees as well as local first responders on LifeLine’s medical transport procedures and safety protocols.

“We are looking forward to providing the highest level of patient care to Cheyenne and the surrounding area through this partnership with CRMC,” said Judson Smith, UCHealth LifeLine program director. “Our clinical staff members undergo extensive, continual in-service education to ensure the most advanced critical care and technology are provided to patients requiring specialized care.”

In terms of capabilities, the LifeLine helicopter serving CRMC patients will be a red and white AirBus H125 configured with state-of-the-art medical equipment that includes the Zoll X Series cardiac monitor, Hamilton T-1 ventilator, Saphire IV pumps and GE handheld ultrasound.

“In the three years that we have been affiliated with UCHealth, our health systems have partnered on several important and beneficial projects,” Thornell said. “I fully expect this new co-branded air ambulance will provide the same exceptional service and value, both for our health system and—even more important—for the community members who we care for and serve.”