Cheyenne Radiology Group and Cheyenne Regional Announce Joint Venture to Expand Women’s Imaging Services

July 15, 2016

CHEYENNE, WY – Cheyenne Radiology Group and Cheyenne Regional Medical Center are pleased to announce a joint venture to centralize and expand women’s diagnostic imaging services in southeast Wyoming.

The joint venture will operate under the name Cheyenne Women’s Imaging Pavilion (CWIP) and will continue to be housed at 2003 Bluegrass Circle.

The hospital will contribute an additional mammography and biopsy equipment, as well as staff, to enhance CWIP’s existing facilities, equipment and staff. The biopsy equipment will allow the Women’s Imaging Pavilion to perform stereotactic biopsies, which can be used to identify early signs of breast cancer.

“We are proud to enter into this project with Cheyenne Radiology to provide access to the high quality services that the women of the Cheyenne area deserve. Cheyenne Regional is always looking for ways to move healthcare forward for our region, and through this partnership, we can,” said Daniel Canales, Medical Imaging Director at the hospital.

Currently, CWIP is the only nationally certified breast imaging center in southeast Wyoming and is an Accredited Facility through the American College of Radiology for Breast MRI, Breast Ultrasound and Mammography.

The partnership is limited to women’s imaging services. All other imaging services at Cheyenne Regional and Cheyenne Radiology will remain unchanged.

Existing patients of both parties can continue to see their regular doctor for consultations and follow-ups, but women’s imaging services will now be done at Cheyenne Women’s Imaging Pavilion.

David Haid, CEO of Cheyenne Radiology, commented, “We view our new joint venture as a natural evolution of the Cheyenne Women’s Imaging Pavilion. Together with Cheyenne Regional, we’ll be able to expand services, staff and improve patient experience in a new way. It’s an exciting way for us to keep enhancing quality of life through affordable, convenient and exceptional healthcare.”

Questions about the joint venture may be directed to either Daniel Canales, Medical Imaging Director at Cheyenne Regional or David Haid, CEO at Cheyenne Radiology.

Specific questions about services, equipment or patient care may be directed to Sherri Shrove, Clinical Operations Supervisor at Cheyenne Radiology.

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