Breastfeeding Pod Installed at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

May 1, 2019

Freestanding Suite Provides Clean, Quiet Space for Breastfeeding Moms and Babies

Cheyenne, WY—Cheyenne Regional Medical Center has installed a Mamava breastfeeding pod to offer visiting moms a secure, clean space to nurse their babies or pump breast milk in private. The pod is located on the west end of the hospital’s first-floor, between the emergency department and admissions/medical imaging waiting area.

Cheyenne Regional is the first facility in Wyoming to install a Mamava pod.

“Cheyenne Regional encourages mothers to breastfeed due to the many health benefits it offers for babies and moms,” said Lori Boussuge, a Cheyenne Regional lactation consultant. “So it makes sense that we would want to provide moms visiting our facility with an easily accessible, quiet and clean space where they can nurse or pump.”

The freestanding pod has two benches, a shelf, mirror, coat hook, fan, occupancy-activated lighting, a dual outlet and USB port. It can be locked from the inside and can only be accessed by downloading and using the Mamava app. Instructions for using the app are printed on the outside of the pod. A mother, baby, another adult and two or three young children can occupy the pod at one time.

“Mamava pods have gained popularity across the United States, and especially in busy places like airports and hospitals, because they offer moms a quiet and private place to nurse and pump,” Boussuge said.

Another benefit is that a mom can bring her other children into the pod with her.

There are more than 750 Mamava pods installed throughout the United States and Canada.

Currently breastfeeding moms not employed by Cheyenne Regional can nurse or pump in private in one of the hospital’s public restrooms. Employees have access to four lactation rooms, located in different areas of the hospital’s East and West campuses. The lactation rooms are not easily accessible to the public.

“Women are also welcome to nurse in public areas of the hospital,” Boussuge said, “but not everyone feels comfortable doing that. And some babies have an easier time nursing in a quiet, distraction-free place. The pod will offer a private, easy-to-access space for those who prefer that option.”

Boussuge made the point that the pod is to be used exclusively for nursing or pumping.

“We want to be sure the pod is kept clean and fresh-smelling, somewhere that is conducive to feeding a baby or expressing breast milk,” Boussuge said. “It’s harder to do that if the pod is also being used for changing diapers.”

A diaper-changing station is available in the hospital lobby’s public restroom, which is nearby.

Cheyenne Regional’s Mamava pod was funded by a $16,500 grant from the Cheyenne Regional Foundation.

“We want to thank the Foundation for funding the pod and especially for seeing the value of having a space like this for our breastfeeding mothers and babies,” Boussuge said.