Dasa Robertson, BHR Project Manager

BHR Project Manager
[email protected]

A native to Wyoming, and an employee with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center since October of 2020, Dasa Robertson has just been appointed as the Program Manager for the Enroll Wyoming Behavioral Health Redesign. A passionate leader, Dasa thrives on helping others as well as educating and sharing her experiences with other organizations. So, this role was a natural progression for her. To better understand her position and the new grant received from the Wyoming Department of Health, it would be good to provide some context. CRMC has been the lead agency in Wyoming for the Health Insurance Navigator Grant from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services for the past ten years. Housed within the Wyoming Institute of Population Health, Enroll Wyoming is considered to be the go-to organization for help with Marketplace and Medicaid/CHIP applications. Because of the expertise in this field, and a change in how Community Mental Health Agencies will be funded due to a proposed redesign, Enroll Wyoming applied for a grant with the Wyoming Department of Health to provide Behavioral Health Center clientele with health insurance navigation assistance. The one-year contract will be used to hire and train new staff who will be located throughout the state of Wyoming. In addition to helping with the application process, this staff will also provide in-depth health insurance education to clients so that they know how and when to best use their coverage. It goes without saying the benefits that will come of this grant. Not only will the clientele have the ability to utilize insurance and stay on top of physical and mental health concerns, but a third-party payer for patients utilizing hospitals for rehab and behavioral health services is going to provide additional dollars necessary for sustaining the bottom line. Once the grant is complete in August of 2024 each Behavioral Health Center will be properly trained in order to provide this same comprehensive assistance.