Each employee that works in the Emergency Department (ED) goes through a rigorous orientation. All new employees are paired with a preceptor, who is an ED nurse, tech, CNA or unit secretary who has at least one year of experience in the specific position.

Unit secretaries are the voice and the command center of the ED. Orientation begins with learning how to answer phones to ensuring that the Trauma Team is present and accounted for during our most serious traumas.

CNAs primarily work in the Clinical Decision Unit (CDU). They provide patient care under their scope of practice and cross train as a unit secretary and to assist in the ED when needed.

ED techs are EMTs or paramedics who go through a two-tiered orientation that consists of patient transfers and basic patient care to starting IVs and participating in the care of the most critical patients (for example, cardiac arrests and trauma).

Depending on experience, nurses have no less than four months and up to one year of orientation into the ED and CDU. During their orientation, nurses will learn to care for patients of all ages and with a vast array of ailments. They will also become proficient in Chief Trauma Nursing and Primary Nursing for Cardiac Arrests.