2017 Pulmonary Care Excellence Award™

The Pulmonary Care Excellence Award™ recognizes hospitals for superior outcomes in treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and pneumonia. Patients who receive COPD or pneumonia treatment at these nationally recognized hospitals have a lower risk of dying.

The CRMC Cardiopulmonary Department was ranked among the Top 10 percent of hospitals nationwide.


Pneumonia is a lung infection usually caused by viruses and bacteria. It is a common complication of hospitalization and critical illnesses, particularly lung diseases. 

(2012 – 2017)


Respiratory failure is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the respiratory system fails to supply enough oxygen to the body or remove carbon dioxide waste from the body. 

(2013 – 2017)

Neuro-diagnostic, EKG

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is committed to the health and wellness of people living in our community, region, as well as people visiting or passing through our lovely state.

Cardiopulmonary offers various services relating to or affecting the lungs and heart. We offer quality inpatient and outpatient testing, treatment and education for adults and children experiencing cardiopulmonary and neuro-diagnostic related issues.

Cardiopulmonary includes, but is not limited to, the treatment, education, management, diagnostic evaluation of pulmonary, and to some extent, cardiac diseases. Treatment includes all aspects of oxygen therapy, aerosol administration and therapy, airway management, invasive and non-invasive ventilation, to name a few.

You will receive all cardiopulmonary treatments, testing and education by one of our Respiratory Therapists who are specialized healthcare practitioners trained in pulmonary medicine in order to work therapeutically with people suffering from pulmonary disease. Cheyenne Regional Medical Center’s Respiratory Therapists have graduated from accredited programs and passed a national board certifying examination.