Patrick Madigan, CEO


Patrick Madigan Patrick received his master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of Wyoming and earned his bachelor’s degree from South Dakota State University. His move to chief executive officer of Cheyenne Regional has been unconventional. His journey began after long service as a member of the organization’s Board of Trustees, followed by appointment to the position of interim CEO by the board due to the vacancy left by the previous CEO. His experience includes many demonstrated skills relevant to leadership of Wyoming’s largest health system; chief among them is his focus on the innovation and implementation of strategic capabilities that will enable Cheyenne Regional to thrive in a reformed, accountable, healthcare environment and deliver outstanding patient care.

Patrick is honored to serve as CEO and is committed to taking a team approach to defining healthcare delivery in Cheyenne and throughout the region. He is leading the organization’s plan to expand the health system’s ability to serve remote areas of the state. He was instrumental in Cheyenne Regional’s decision to seek a Management Services Agreement (MSA) with UCHealth in an effort create a collaboration of hospitals and healthcare systems dedicated to providing the best in patient care close to home. Patrick’s extensive experience in building community partnerships is key for an organization this size to stay stable and grounded.

Cheyenne Regional has achieved many critical goals over the years in patient care. Nevertheless, in this era of accelerated changes in healthcare delivery, there is still a lot of work to be accomplished to ensure the organization’s position as an independent healthcare system for decades to come, and he looks forward to the challenge.