The Sexual Assault Nurses at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center strive to provide safe, compassionate and confidential care to anyone who has been affected by sexual abuse or sexual violence.

You will not be charged for any of the services required for a forensic medical examination. If you are over the age of 18, our services are confidential unless you give us written permission to contact law enforcement. If you are under 18, we must contact law enforcement as required by Wyoming State Law. It is always your decision which family members or friends you talk to about the assault.

If you are sexually assaulted:

  • Your safety is most important. Call 911 if you are in immediate danger. Go to a safe place as soon as you can and ask someone you trust to stay with you.
  • Seek medical care as quickly as possible after a sexual assault. If you call 911, a police officer or ambulance will be able to take you to the hospital. If you do not want to contact the police department, come to the emergency department and tell the nurse that you need to be seen by a forensic nurse.
  • If you are uncomfortable with coming into the department or are unable to get to the department, call 633-7670 and provide the emergency department secretary with your phone number. A forensic nurse will be asked to call you.
  • Remember: bathing, wiping, eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, changing clothes or douching may compromise evidence collected by medical personnel. If you feel comfortable, please wait to bathe until after you have been to the hospital. If you have already done some of these things, don’t panic or feel bad. There is still potential evidence present.

Some medical concerns may not be immediately apparent, such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), small injuries or pregnancy. Even if you do not wish to have a doctor or nurse collect evidence for an investigation, you can obtain a medical exam to protect yourself from these things. Some medications, such as the “morning after pill” for pregnancy and antibiotics for STDs are most effective when administered as soon as possible. Medical care may also preserve evidence of the assault, should you wish to pursue criminal charges immediately or in the future.