According to the American Heart Association (2014):

  • Approximately 795,000 Americans suffer a stroke every year
  • Every 4 minutes an American dies due to stroke
  • Stroke is the 4th leading cause of death among Americans
  • Common risk factors for stroke include:
    • High Blood Pressure (also known as Hypertension)
    • Diabetes
    • High Blood Cholesterol
    • Smoking
    • Heart Arrhythmia
    • Family History
    • Inactivity
    • Chronic Kidney Disease
    • Poor Nutrition

How to Identify Someone Having a Stroke

  • F – FACE  Is one side of the face drooping?
  • A – ARM  Is one arm weak or numb?
  • S – SPEECH  Is the person’s speech slurred or strange?
  • T – TIME  It’s vital to get help as quickly as possible.

If you observe any of these signs, call 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY.

Early Medical Intervention is Vital

It is important to seek medical attention immediately when someone is suffering a stroke (also known as a cardiovascular accident, or CVA). Response time can determine appropriate medical interventions and may affect how well the person recovers.

Telemedicine Program Helps with Stroke Diagnosis, Care

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (CRMC) partners with CO-DOC (Collaborative Digital Online Consultant) and Swedish Medical Center to offer emergency care to patients who come to CRMC’s Emergency Department with stroke symptoms. Through the CO-DOC Telemedicine Network, specialized physicians from Swedish Medical Center and Blue Sky Neurology are joined remotely to a patient at CRMC via telemedicine equipment, which allows real-time, fully interactive consultations. Once a patient has been treated and is stabilized and ready for rehabilitation, Swedish and CRMC will work together to help the patient undergo stroke rehabilitation in Cheyenne.