Is weight affecting your health?

The Consultants in Surgery Weight Management Program addresses obesity and the following weight-related illnesses:

  • Breathing problems such as asthma, COPD and sleep apnea
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Infertility
  • Joint Pain
  • Low testosterone
  • Weight-related cancer risk


Weight Loss Surgery

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Monday - Thursday:
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Our team of weight management professionals includes nurse practitioner Shala Swarm; registered dietitian Anna Hambright; and psychologist Caroljean Bongo. Our team offers the tools and support that will help you commit to healthy, proactive lifestyle changes.

Bariatric Surgery

At the Consultants in Surgery Weight Management Program, we understand. We understand that obesity is a disease that’s strongly influenced by genetics. We understand that obesity needs to be treated as a medical problem. We understand that obesity is not the result of laziness, gluttony, a lack of self-control or a lack of character. We understand how and why our patients have struggled with weight loss with limited success. And we understand the frustration of trying everything and finding that nothing works. We believe that the powerful metabolic benefits that occur with bariatric surgery can offer a lifelong solution.

Committing to Your Health

Bariatric surgery is a powerful tool, but long-term success ultimately requires a commitment to lifelong healthy living and partnership between the surgeon, the program and the patient. Our multidisciplinary team can help you explore whether weight loss surgery is right for you, help you choose the best procedure for your personal circumstances and help you prepare for surgery.

  • The first step will be for you to have a medical review and individualized health assessment.
  • The next step will be to determine which surgical tool(s) will work best for your individual circumstance.
  • The third step is to undergo surgery.
  • After surgery our healthcare team will continue to work closely with you.

Throughout the process, you will receive the medical and emotional support needed to help you change old habits and achieve optimal health.

Surgical Weight Loss Options

Surgical weight loss is for people with a body mass index of 35 or greater and who are ready to make a long-term commitment to a healthy lifestyle. We offer two procedural options:

  • Gastric bypass is considered the gold standard for weight loss surgery. It is a restrictive procedure that reduces the size of the stomach, therefore making a patient feel full with less food. In addition, gastric bypass changes the anatomy of the small intestine, resulting in a change to how the body processes food. Gastric bypass is also considered a metabolic procedure, which means that it alters how the body produces hormones. The combination of anatomical and hormonal change leads to profound and durable weight loss.
  • Gastric sleeve resection makes a narrow tube out of the stomach, which markedly decreases the amount of food that it takes to feel full. Gastric sleeves are also metabolic procedures and result in durable weight loss, although not usually to the extent achieved with gastric bypass.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options

If weight loss surgery isn’t for you, we also offer medically supervised weight loss. With more than 10 years of experience in the specialty of obesity medicine, Shala Swarm, DNP-C, will help you work toward your goals with medications and diet supervision.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance policies have very specific guidelines about which medical conditions qualify a patient as eligible to undergo bariatric surgery. If you aren’t sure about what your insurance covers, we will be happy to contact your insurance company to verify obesity-related benefits and plan requirements. If you prefer, you can start now by contacting your health insurer to determine coverage.


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