Healthy kids, happy kids! Kohl’s partners with more than 160 hospitals nationwide to help educate kids and their parents about injury prevention, asthma, immunizations, childhood obesity and more. We support community outreach programs focused on issues affecting kids and work with our hospital partners to tailor the programs based on their community’s individual needs. In partnership with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, the Kohl’s Car Seat Distribution Program educates parents/caregivers in the area on the proper installation and use of their child restraints and provides car seats to those that cannot afford them. In 2013, the program inspected 246 car seats. Since the program’s inception in 2009, 1,568 car seats have been inspected and 596 seats have been distributed.

provided-by-sticker-KOHLS-2013Kohl’s has donated more than $90,000 to the hospital’s Injury Prevention program and the local Kohl’s Car Seat Distribution program since 2007. Funds have been used to pay for car seats as well as informational billboards and flyers promoting car and booster seat use in Laramie County.

Kohl’s Cares

The Injury Prevention department at Cheyenne Regional strives to ensure that all injury prevention teaching is provided to the community through monthly events in collaboration with Kohl’s in Cheyenne and various community organizations. The Kohl’s Associates in Action team assists the Injury Prevention team with several events throughout the year to support the program.

Contact: Stephanie Heitsch at 307-633-7525 or stephanie.heitsch@crmcwy.org


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