Cardiac Services

Cheyenne Regional provides cardiac services at the Cheyenne Regional Heart & Vascular Institute.

Whether you require surgical intervention or just a few lifestyle changes, we’re here for you!

In addition to treating and preventing heart diseases, our board-certified cardiologists are supported by experienced and caring staff. Working together, they can help you get your cardiac health on track by:

  • Assisting you in maintaining a healthy weight, blood pressure, and blood glucose cholesterol levels to help prevent a cardiac event
  • Setting you up for success with education and guidance on a healthier lifestyle

If, in the course of your heart health journey, further medical procedures are required, our team will use innovative technology to intervene. The CRMG Heart and Vascular Institute was the first hospital in Wyoming to use the Shockwave technology to treat plaque buildup in coronary, and one of only two hospitals in Wyoming to use the WATCHMAN FLX device. 

To schedule a consultation or learn more about cardiac services at the Cheyenne Regional Heart & Vascular Institute, please call (307) 637‐1600.