Cheyenne Regional’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program combines education and monitored exercise to help individuals recover from heart disease. Our goal is to return each patient to productive levels of work and enjoyable levels of leisure time. Physical recovery is enhanced by understanding the process and management of heart disease.

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Inpatient – Phase I

The Cardiac Rehab team will provide the education necessary to help you through the healing process following your cardiac event. You will be given the tools necessary to make your transition home as easy as possible.

Outpatient – Phase II

Once discharged from the hospital, you will experience a personalized comprehensive program that includes:

  • Physician-monitored exercise classes with warm-up, cool-down and relaxation techniques.
  • Individual diet analysis with recommendations.
  • Education, including information about heart disease and lifestyle modifications.

Maintenance – Phase III

After your Phase II classes you may continue your exercise program at our off-site location.

Specialty Classes

We offer individualized classes designed for patients with Peripheral Artery Disease and Congestive Heart Failure.

Community and Support

Mended Hearts: “Cheyenne Hearts-A-Fire” Chapter #132 meets the first Monday of the month, 6-7 p.m., from October through June. This nationally sponsored group offers monthly guest speakers, picnics, group walks-in-the-park and support to those you have experienced cardiac disease. Family members are also welcome to attend meetings and group functions.

#OnTheMap Interview with Program Manager Carrie Nix 

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