Everyone Here Has Been Amazing

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating for both the patient and family members. Our focus is to help everyone involved navigate through the diagnosis and treatment, seeking a place of hope and healing. Recently the husband of one of our patients offered to sit down and share a few thoughts about how his wife has been treated since her cancer diagnosis last fall. He and his wife agreed to let us share his thoughts below:

David and Mary Ann Bowers had been in Cheyenne for just over a year when Mary Ann was diagnosed with cancer. Mary Ann’s surgery was scheduled quickly and was performed by Dr. Jeremy Gates. “We just love him,” David said. “He treated us so well.”

Mary Ann has since gone through several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. “Everyone here at the Cancer Center and in the hospital has been amazing. It’s unbelievable how well you are treated,” David said.

The caring shown by Dr. Gates and Mary Ann’s cancer specialists, Dr. Alana Workman and Dr. Subashini Furman, has been especially appreciated. “They explain everything in detail but in a way that you can understand,” David said. “And they don’t talk down to you. The attitudes here are beautiful.”

Looking back, David said the couple’s move to Cheyenne in 2016 was a blessing. “We had lost two children. So it was important for us to be near our remaining daughter,” David explained. When their daughter and her family moved from Alaska to Cheyenne, David and Mary Ann relocated here, too. “If we were still in Alaska, Mary Ann may have had to go to Seattle for treatment,” David said. “We believe this is the best place she could have gone to for care. I can’t say enough about how well she’s been treated here. ”

February 2018


Physicians Model The Way

“When you understand the fear that many of our cancer patients are coping with, you realize it’s doubly important for you to have a smile on your face and to do whatever you can to make them feel better. Our physicians model the way. They show care and concern for each patient.”
Leonard Geringer 
(Radiation Oncology Manager, Cheyenne Regional Cancer Center)

Rene Hinkle MD

The Little Things Count

“I just want to express my thanks to the Infusion Center for taking such great care of my mom, Margot Robinette (and my dad, too). You all treated her with such kindness and compassion. She always told everyone how nice it was that you had her water waiting for her when she arrived—the little things do count! Thank you again. She could not have received any better care anywhere.”
Dr. Rene Hinkle (Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Cheyenne Women’s Clinic)


They’ve Been Just Wonderful

Bonnie has been a patient of ours for two and a half years. After being hospitalized in February 2014 after a sudden ovarian cancer diagnosis, she underwent surgery and started coming to the Cancer Center weekly for chemo treatments.

“I’m on my third year of Chemo and I haven’t been sick one day with it. I look forward to coming here because this is such a great bunch of girls. It’s kind of like a second home to me. They’ve all been so good,” said Bonnie.

Bonnie’s daughter, Lisa, has been a huge support to Bonnie throughout her cancer experience and struggles to recover. She not only accompanies her mom to most chemo treatments, she’s also formed great relationships with the nurses, doctors and staff at the Cancer Center.

“When Dr. El-Tarabilly first saw her in the hospital, she didn’t want much to do with him. He wasn’t even sure that she’d make it out of the hospital to chemo treatment. He worked with her, lowered her (chemo) dose, and has told her that she’s the oldest person he’s used this low of a dose on and had such good results,” said Lisa.

Bonnie added, “He’s great. He’s just a great man. He was getting ready to leave for vacation when I saw him a couple weeks ago. He got ready to go and came over and gave me a hug and a kiss and told me he loved me (laughs). He said I remind him a lot of his mother. I haven’t got anything to complain about here. They’ve been just wonderful—all of them.”

When asked what stands out to them about the Cancer Center, the resounding answer was the attentiveness and kindness of the staff, as well as the amenities and atmosphere of the Center.

“The nurses here are just terrific. The nursing staff here on the infusion side and on the doctor’s side—you couldn’t ask for better, you just couldn’t. They have a good sense of humor, when this isn’t always a humorous place. They’ve always got a smile. And the fact that when we’re here for more than two hours, she can get lunch and snacks, that means a lot—she looks forward to that. Rather than having to go out and bring something in or pack something, it makes a big difference. And everything is clean and nice, too. And the girls are so good—they just come through and take care of everything,” said Lisa.

Bonnie added, “This is just like a second family—they all like me and I like all of them. We just get along really well. My experience here has been wonderful. Even though it’s for cancer, it’s been just wonderful.”

Lisa made a point to note how well they’ve been taken care of over the time they’ve been coming to the Cancer Center. And despite their reason for being there, it has been a positive experience.

“The sad fact is that we shouldn’t have cancer—we shouldn’t have to treat cancer, but we do. The warm blankets, the pillows, the waters, the sodas for them to drink here—that makes people feel special. It makes a difference. The fact is, is that you’re not just a number here. It’s a pretty special place. It will always be a good experience coming here,” she said.
Bonnie Brush (Undergoing Chemotherapy and Infusions)