After you are diagnosed with cancer, your priorities regarding your relationships, career and lifestyles may change. Some cancer survivors say that they appreciate life more but still have concerns about their health and what is to come in the future. During treatment, your cancer care providers become a support team for you and your family. After treatment, the length of time between visits with your providers will increase, and many survivors miss this source of support. Uncertainty of what to expect as time goes on, as well as concerns about late effects of treatment can increase anxiety for some patients.

As you finish your cancer treatment at Cheyenne Regional, you will be seen by one of the Survivorship Coordination nurses. The nurse(s) will review an individualized plan of care developed specially for you, as well as discussing the treatment you have had, your physician follow-up, screening exams, healthy lifestyle choices and any other concerns or topics you might like to address. Our Survivorship Coordination nurses will make sure you have all that you need to step forward into the future with confidence and support.