Life Beyond Cancer: Cancer Survivorship and Follow-up Care

Thanks to advances in detection, diagnosis, and treatment, more people today are surviving cancer than ever before. In order to address the ongoing physical, emotional and social issues that often accompany cancer treatment, the need for long-term follow up care has also grown.

Cheyenne Regional Cancer Center’s Survivorship Program helps you transition to life beyond cancer by providing support services and specialized medical care. Following completion of treatment, you will meet with a provider whose expertise includes cancer and survivorship care.

Your survivorship visit will include:

  • An individualized Survivorship Care Plan for you and your primary care physician (PCP)
  • Screening for recurrent or secondary cancers
  • Management of cancer and treatment-related side effects
  • Referral to community resources, support groups and experts
  • Counseling on health promotion and wellness

Here at Cheyenne Regional Cancer Center our goal is to provide you with the support you need to live your best life beyond cancer. For more information, please contact 307-634-9311.