Cheyenne Regional oncology Social Workers provide psychosocial services to cancer patients, their families and caregivers as part of the oncology healthcare team. They are trained to address the special needs and concerns of individuals diagnosed with cancer. They provide patients with support and assistance in coping with practical and psychosocial issues including housing, transportation, career concerns, financial concerns, guidance for coping with relationship stressors, bereavement, and advocacy. These services are available at no additional cost to the patient, as they are considered an important part of whole-person cancer care.

Our Social Workers and nursing staff closely monitor patients’ well-being by administering the Comprehensive Oncology Patient Evaluation (COPE) tool. The COPE evaluation is given periodically through treatment and after during a follow-up, to determine a patient’s degree of stress and/or distress during the course of treatment and recovery. Patients showing moderately to severely elevated stress levels are seen by a provider and given the assistance they need to reduce their distress.