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Nutrition is an important part of the cancer treatment process and recovery. Eating a healthy diet, along with regular physical activity, can promote health and reduce the risk of developing another cancer. Eating the right foods during and after your treatment provides your body with energy and nutrients. This can help you to feel better, have improved tolerance to your treatment, and help you recover more quickly.

We have a team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists available to help you personalize a nutritious, balanced eating plan.

As an inpatient, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center patients receive a complete nutritional assessment by an oncology dietitian. Nutritional plans are individualized for each patient and their personal preferences. In addition, as an outpatient at the Cheyenne Regional Cancer Center, nutrition consultations are available by appointment in the FNS Outpatient Nutrition Center office located in the Cancer Center.

If treatment affects your appetite, our dietitian can help find foods that both sound good and are healthy. If you have trouble swallowing or are experiencing digestive issues or changes in taste, our staff is available to support you. Patient education, nutritional supplements, information on personalized high-protein or nutrient-dense diets and other resources are provided by our highly trained dietitians throughout the length of your treatment.

We are here to assist you in your nutritional needs.