Our patient navigators offer a continuum of care to cancer patients, their families, caregivers and survivors throughout the healthcare system. They are available to help you find information about diagnosis, treatment and recovery, enabling you to make informed decisions about your healthcare needs and options. The navigators coordinate services by collaborating with medical providers, nutritionists, counselors, social workers, external community resources and support groups. Through this connected approach, our team is better able to identify each patient’s needs and effectively assist in finding financial, psycho-social, medical and other resources to meet those needs.

Fun Fact

Cheyenne Regional was the first hospital in Wyoming to provide the services of a breast health navigator—an oncology registered nurse who guides and supports breast cancer patients throughout the treatment and recovery process. Patients find that working with the navigator helps reduce the anxiety experienced during cancer treatment.

A navigator can be reached by calling the Cheyenne Regional Cancer Center at (307) 432-3638 or (877) 286-0907.