Our navigators develop patient and family relationships with emotional support and encouragement. They ensure that our patients never need to face their cancer journey alone. They will be there every step of the way.

Oncology Patient Navigators
Oncology patient navigators are specially trained nurses and social workers who understand the health care system. They are here to assist patients through their many appointments with specialists, empower them to make informed medical decisions, address questions and concerns and link them to resources regarding insurance, payment and transportation assistance.

Nurse Navigators
Our nurse navigators have many years of oncology nursing experience. They are available to help patients understand their specific type of cancer, identify potential areas of concerns and physical side effects and symptoms, and provide education and follow up prior to, during and following chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Social Work Navigator
Our social work navigator is available to help with the psychosocial concerns of patients and their families. She can provide emotional support and counseling as well as help patients with practical assistance. Whether its individual counseling, support groups, finding services that help with transportation, financial and copay assistance, the social work navigator is there to make sure that all the patients’ needs are met, not just the physical needs.

Our Navigation Mission:

To Improve the cancer experience and ensure that all people impacted by cancer feel empowered by providing information, support and guidance throughout their cancer journey.

Our Navigation Vision:

To provide thoughtful and compassionate patient-centered care.

Fun Fact

Cheyenne Regional was the first hospital in Wyoming to provide the services of a breast health navigator—an oncology registered nurse who guides and supports breast cancer patients throughout the treatment and recovery process. Patients find that working with the navigator helps reduce the anxiety experienced during cancer treatment.

A navigator can be reached by calling the Cheyenne Regional Cancer Center at (307) 996-HOPE or (877) 286-0907.