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Systemic Therapy / Chemotherapy Education

We understand that every person’s experience with cancer treatment is different, both physically and emotionally. Knowing what to expect is important. An oncology-certified nurse meets with each person individually to explain how and when their treatment is given, possible side effects, and how to manage side effects. We welcome family members and friends to participate and encourage in-depth discussion. We will tailor your education to meet your individual, unique needs. We also encourage questions throughout your treatment process.

Understanding the disease and treatment is vital to your ability to get through treatment and recovery with minimal stress and anxiety. We provide individualized chemotherapy education for each patient to ensure that the process is understandable and to make patients more comfortable. We encourage our patients to bring a family member or friend to participate in the conversation during their patient education sessions, and to take notes and ask any questions that might arise.

Before your first chemotherapy session, an oncology-certified nurse will meet with you to explain your chemotherapy regimen and how it works. He or she will provide you with more information about the specific medications prescribed for you, their purpose, and the side effects you might experience. You will be provided with side-effect management tools and tips in order to minimize issues during treatment.

A nurse will also talk with you about any new medications that you are prescribed, in order to make sure that you understand dosages and reasons for taking them. If you plan to continue working during treatment, the nurse will discuss with you the importance of self-care during this time, as well as how to pace yourself, eat nutritiously and exercise to maintain your best health throughout your treatment.

We understand that each patient is different and will have a different range of concerns and questions regarding treatment. We welcome in-depth discussion and questions throughout your treatment process, and we will tailor your chemotherapy education to meet your individual, unique needs.