All types of cancer are triggered by mutations in the genes of a cell. Hereditary cancer risk happens when a family passes on cancer-related genetic mutations from one generation to the next. Overall this “passing down” of genetic mutations within families makes up about 5 to 10 percent of all cancers.

How can you know if you might be at risk for cancer due to your heredity (also known as Hereditary Cancer Syndromes)?

  • A risk assessment can help identify individuals that have an increased risk of developing cancer due to their heredity.
  • Genetic testing can help confirm if an individual has certain genes that may put them at risk of developing cancer in their lifetime.

What can be done if you are found to be at risk for cancer due to your heredity?
A cancer genetics professional can discuss options for managing your risk of developing cancer. This can include the use of early detection and prevention strategies.

If you or a family member has had cancer, we can help determine if you are a candidate for genetic risk assessment and counseling. Just ask your primary care provider or oncologist for a referral to our cancer genetics professional. You can also call us directly to make an appointment at (307) 634-9311.