Every month one of our Cancer Center oncologists hosts a “Fireside Chat” at the center. The conversations are meant to be intimate and informal, allowing community members to get to know our oncologists and our Cancer Center staff and to learn about the full range of medical care and support services that our Cancer Center provides. For more information about this outreach, please call 996-HOPE.

Below is a list of the Fireside Chats scheduled for 2018. All chats will be from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. next to the Cancer Center fireplace. Please note, this schedule is subject to change.

January 9: Dr. Alana Workman
February 13: Dr. Maristela Batezini
March 13: Dr. Mohamed El-Tarabily
April 10: Dr. Subashini Furman
May 8: Dr. Alana Workman
June 12: Dr. Maristela Batezini
July 10: Dr. Mohamed El-Tarabily
August 14: Dr. Subashini Furman
September 11: Dr. Alana Workman
October 9: Dr. Maristela Batezini
November 13: Dr. Mohamed El-Tarabily
December 11: Dr. Subashini Furman